Rachael and Ians Wedding at South Farm Hertfordshire

Date of Wedding 11th April 2019

Bride. Rachael Caunt

Groom. Ian Yenney

Brides Parents. Rhona and Colin

Grooms Parents. Geraldine and Gene

Bridesmaids. Sally and Helen

Best Men. Alex and laurie

Wedding Venue. South Farm Royston

The Pre Wedding Shoot 2/3/19

Heartwood Forest

On 2/3/19 I met up with Rachael and Ian at Heartwood Forest an amazing place set in over 850 acres. It is a woodland trust and a somewhere that the couple regularly go to for a country walk or run. The pre shoot went so well, I really enjoyed taking the photos and getting to try a few things out with them at the same time. They certainly didn’t disappoint and were so natural together in front of the camera. They laughed constantly and are so well suited. The image above was a particularly lovely shot and to me the expression is perfect.

I first met Rachael and Ian when they attended a wedding exhibition at Sheene Mill in Royston. We got on so well and hit it off straight away. The following week they booked me to photograph their big day. Rachael and Ian met on a lunch date at The Rusty Gun in Hitching. 5 Hours later and they were still chatting. They are off on their mini moon to Exmoor and then their honeymoon will be to Costa Rica in the summer.

The Wedding Day.

The wedding day started with me arriving at the venue at 10.30am. When I got there Rachael and Ian were together in the main barn. They were putting all their place cards down and generally getting the final touches done. Ian then went up to The Parrot room to get ready. He was in there with his best men. I did some natural shots of him and he opened a card from his bride to be. I left the boys to continue to get read and then went in to see the bride.

Rachael’s hair and make up was being done and she was looking lovely. She then headed into the bridal suite and her two bridesmaids helped her get ready. She got into her dress and I used the mirror and natural light to capture some beautiful pics. After some pictures with mum and dad, Summer from South Farm came in: what a lovely, friendly young woman. She made everything come together and before we knew it Colin was walking his daughter down the aisle. Ian looked and saw his bride for the first time. The ceremony was beautiful and the room was full to the brim.

Afterwards I took the couple out to the front of the house and shot the confetti pictures. We then did a quick shot of the whole wedding before the bride and groom headed off in South Farms Tuk Tuk for a spin.

After a 30 minute drinks reception I knew time was slipping away fast so took the couple round the extensive gardens before coming back to shoot all the family and friend shots. Summer then managed to get the piglets out so Ian and Rachael had some time with them before heading in.

The room was now ready and the speeches started. Colin, Ian and then the two best men. Four great and amusing speeches.. enabling me to capture some great moments. The couple very kindly sat me in with the wedding guests so I enjoyed great company and an amazing meal.

After the meal I made use of Laurie and his partner Steve who very kindly held my lights so I could capture some nice early sun set shots and also thank you to Helen bridesmaid for helping me capture a beautiful evening shot a little later on.

The band were now set up and it was time for the couples first dance. They had prepared a first dance that incorporated Rhumba, Waltz and Freestyle dancing “very talented indeed”.

I then shot a night picture at the front tree-line driveway into South Farm before leaving the couple my good wishes and thanking them for such a lovely meal.

IMPORTANT *   These Images are low resolution. Anyone wishing to use them for social media purposes please make sure that the Logo is seen and that credit is given to John Paul O’Donnell Photography. 

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