<h1 class="entry-title">16×12 Storybook Packages</h1>
Storybook wedding albums

All our Storybook Albums are hand-made.  The Album Block and cover are made with a UniBind PhotoStory Binding machine.  The Pages are Photographic Paper (not printed paper like most available) they are all  graded by ourselves before the final Book is printed and bound in-house.

Whats included

The photography start 2 hours before the ceremony with the Bridal preparations and continues through the day and evening until the main dancing. We guarantee you a coverage upwards of 500 images. We upload the edited images into an online gallery, guests can then purchase the pictures directly on site and receive their photos within a week of ordering.  The Storybook albums all come with an acrylic front cover and the standard 30* pages. You select the first 60 photographs at a private viewing before the guests see them online. At that viewing you select your thank you card image and these are sent out ASAP. John Paul O’Donnell then designs the Storybook with your selected chosen images. Once finished the design is put online for you to view and if necessary we will make *one set of alterations. Once approved the Storybook is ready for collection within 4 weeks approximately.

16×12 Storybook   £2000

16×12 Storybook Plus inc 2x A5 Copies  £2400

16×12 Storybook Multi inc 6x A5 Copies  £3000

The perfect deal

All 16×12 Storybook Packages include “All package Extras”.

1. Photo Thank You Card x 50 

* Additional Images in the books £15 per image. 

* Additional changes after the first set are £75 per hour.

Some Images of the 16×12 Storybook Package

16x12 Storybook Packages

16x12 Storybook Packages

16×12 storybook package cover
16×12 storybook package open
16×12 package cover (coloured trim)
16×12 storybook package open

Some Images of the 16×12 Storybook Plus Package

16×12 storybook plus package in boxes
16×12 storybook plus package on boxes

Some Images of the 16×12 Storybook multi Package

Storybook Multi Package
Storybook Multi Package
Storybook Package Multi album
Storybook Package Multi album

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