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Creative new build photography.   

Are you a builder or property developer?

I offer a service which involves me attending your site fairly frequently. I set my shooting points and every time I attend shoot not only new pics but also the same positions as last time.  These are great for you as a company and for your website. Normally I would attend roughly 8-10 times each site. Shooting all the exterior and interior of your premises or any location. I use specialist professional equipment to enhance spaces and perspective correction.

I also create an online password protected gallery of each site where you can download the images direct. 

This also works very well with financing your project as banks and lenders like to see the progress photos. But also very importantly with professional photos they will help in being able to get the financial draw downs on the site as it progresses. 

New Build Photography Hertfordshire


With over 22 years’ unique commercial photographer experience, I have a commitment to quality, an eye for detail and a creative approach.

My passion is to provide high-quality professional photography to you, no matter how large or small your business. A flexible fee structure that means you can benefit from professional commercial photography, regardless of budget.

As a commercial photographer I am able to travel to any location. I am based in Hertfordshire, UK.

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Why not contact me now to discuss your commercial photography requirements and arrange a free consultancy?