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5ft 9, married with 3 grown up children Luke, Alex and Abigail. 1st Dan black belt in Karate, gym enthusiast 5 days a week training early morning and when I am not working or training I  love walking my two dogs Molly and Lola in the woods.

How would you describe your working style?

Although professionalism is of utmost importance to us, we believe that taking a laid-back but confident attitude on a wedding day is the key to success. Because we want the images to reflect the mood and feel of the day, we take a step back; watch, observe and capture. The only time you’ll see us directing is during the essential family group shots and the couples own private shoot.

What information do you need from the couple before the wedding day?

Around a month prior the wedding day we meet the couple to run through everything. In this we get addresses, times, names of VIPs and a list of group shots. Then with a week to go we organise a phone call to go through logistics and final details, to be sure all our notes match and so we can prepare for the day.

How far in advance do I need to book for my wedding?

We currently have bookings in the diary for weddings that are in two years time. We find that couples who have seen us at a friend or relatives wedding tend to book us as soon as possible to make sure that we are definitely available. Certain parts of the year we get really busy and often have 3-4 weddings a week. If you are getting married between May and September, you should book your wedding photography at least a year in advance even 2 in order to make sure that we are available for your wedding.

Can you save the date for us?

Once you’re all booked in you’ve secured me! Sadly dates can’t be held without a completed booking form and deposit.  I’m more than happy to pencil your name on your wedding date but this does not secure it for you sorry.

Do we need two photographers for our wedding?

A lot of photographers will tell you that you do as it produces different angles and covers the groom prep. Well this is a way to make you spend more money usually £300-£400 extra. The way that we do it is start the day usually one hour earlier than most so a 1.30pm wedding I would start at 10.30am with the groom for 45 minutes. It is the story of the wedding so its very important to capture it this way. And different angles.. thats where we blend in with the guests and catch those real natural ones and you don’t need two photographers for that…its a sales point to make their day easier.

What type of Cameras and equipment do you use at weddings?

Whats in the bag – I use two Professional Nikon Cameras with Pro F2.8 lenses these are Fish eye,  18-35, 24-70, 70-200 and 50mm F1.4 which all enable me to shoot high quality in very low light without flash thus ensuring very natural photos in all conditions.  I use wireless lights for inside and out with an octabox and Beauty dish connected to camera with a trigger system and I have a Mavic 4k drone.

What about copyright? Will we get charged if we want to print out the pictures ourselves or share them?

No you do not need to worry about copyright.  Your images are fully licensed for personal use which means you can print or share them socially.  I’ll even help you find some great labs if you want prints.  You can’t sell your pics to Hello Mag though!

Where can we see your work?

Our Studio is open Monday to Saturday and we operate an appointment system, just get in touch to arrange a meeting.

How long do the Photographs take to do after the Ceremony?

Once you get out into the grounds of the reception venue allow 1.5 hours for the drinks reception and photos to be taken in all the best areas of the venue. this time allowance will mean you get a very relaxed set of images as you are not constantly being pushed to get shots done in a short time.

How long do you stay for in the evening?

We stay up until the buffet is served which is usually approximately 30 minutes into the evening dancing.

What happens to the pictures after you take them?

Post production is a massive part of the photography process and as a guide for every hour spent at a wedding there are tone to two more spent making them look as good as they do. This is all part of the digital manner in which photos are edited. I always aim to ensure your photos are classy and timeless. I never use tacky or dated techniques. If you like that then I’m sorry but I’m probably not the right photographer for you.  I’m passionate about my style your images should look just as great as the day you got them.

How do we view the pictures after?

You come into our Studio once you return from your honeymoon, you allow a couple of hours to view the pictures from your day in the viewing area. Once you select them we give you the link to pass on to family and friends for them to view and then start designing the Storybook.

Can we have the Raw files?

No. Part of the creative process you invest in is the preparation your images, its a huge part of it all.  Raw images are a bit like raw meat, I suppose its like going to a restaurant for an awesome meal and asking the chef for the ingredients as opposed to the meal he can create for you.

We would like complete anonymity,  can you keep our wedding photographs totally private?

Yes, this is sometimes requested by people in the public eye.  There’s a charge for this service and I’ll create you a bespoke quotation, please let me know if this is important to you and I’ll explain how it works so you are protected.

How do our friends and family order copies?

Online with link that’s given to you at the private viewing

Do you have insurance?

I am fully insured and should a venue ever require it, copies of my insurance certificates are available on request.  You should really get wedding insurance too!

Once we choose our pictures how long does it take till we get the Storybook?

usually 6 Weeks from design to print

What do you wear on the day – Suit.. Jeans?

Always suit and very smart, never jeans… this is a wedding not a party.

Do we feed you on the day?

Yes, a wedding coverage is 8 hours plus so a hot meal is essential to keep the energy levels up.

When do you eat?

As we photograph the Story of the Wedding we need to eat when you eat so that everything is photographed and nothing is missed.

Do you take Credit Cards?

 Yes we do
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