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When people look at my website, Facebook, twitter and instagram pages they soon realise  I am not just a Wedding photographer.  In fact I am a classically trained fashion photographer. Twenty one years ago I was  photographing a fashion show in London for Christian Dior.  The model that I was working with I had photographed many times. She was planning a wedding and asked if I would do her photos.  Well that was the first wedding that I ever did and it was that day that gave me the passion for shooting weddings. I now wanted to shoot weddings and not just fashion and since then as a Company we have done almost 2000.

My style has always been Classical,  I am after-all classically trained but I bring the Fashion photo-journalism into my shooting style. These qualities together are what make John Paul O’Donnell Photography the company that it is.

I have never stopped my Fashion photography and the passion I had for it then, is still in me now. When I am on a Fashion assignment the pressure is on straight away. You have one chance to get those shots at the right angle and the right composition.  It is the same as a wedding you get one chance and its got to be right first time. This is my approach to photography, its popular and in demand.

So its good to be a photographer that doesn’t specialise in just one thing. Find your passion and what you love to do and shoot. Personally speaking some people like to photograph landscapes, some commercial and architectural.  For me it has always been and always will be people.  Types of pro photography Fashion or Wedding. Either one and I am at my happiest.  I love meeting new people and also working with great designers and artists as well.


Types of pro photography Fashion or Wedding


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