Billie and Reece Wedding – Photographer Hertfordshire at Theobalds Park

Billie and Reece Wedding - Photographer Hertfordshire at Theobalds Park

Title – Billie and Reece Wedding – Photographer Hertfordshire at Theobalds Park

Date Of wedding – Saturday 5th May 2018.

Bride – Billie Lawrence.

Groom -Reece Begley.

Brides Parents – Mum Koulla & Scott ~ Dad Alan & Ellen.

Venue – Theobalds Park Mansion.

Maid Of Honour – Charlie.

Bridesmaids – Emily & Kerry.

Flower Girls – Jai and Chloe.

Pageboys – Jake.

Best Men – Ricky & Roman.

Ushers – Dean, Jason and Matt.

Dj and Master of Ceremonies – Howard Neil.

Photographer – John Paul ODonnell.

I first met Billie and Reece back in November 2017 when they booked me to photograph their wedding. They are childhood sweethearts and have been together since they were 13 years old. All week the weather was wet and sunny then the day before the wedding it was the most beautiful sunny day.  It was the bank holiday weekend and I was really looking forward to photographing Billie and Reeces wedding. When you see them both together you realise they really are so well suited.  A beautiful couple and also both up for the photos.  I wanted to concentrate on a a really natural style today and work on taking those classical and constructed shots that I like to take so much. I used the natural red brick of the house and the stonework to capture my signature reportage style and the front of the Mansion House for the more classical pictures.

The Wedding Day

The wedding started with me heading over to see Reece at home. He was getting ready with his best man Ricky “top guy”. It was very relaxed and chilled with Ricky making a couple of drinks for them.  I took some pictures out in the garden then in the house once the boys started getting ready.  Billie had made a hamper up for Reece it was very thoughtful. They were now suited and booted and looking sharp. I did some pictures of them both and then made my way over to Theobalds Park to see Billie.

When I arrived Billie was having her hair done in the room with all the girls. They were all getting ready together helping each other. I immediately thought “what a great bunch of girls they are”. They were really up for a laugh too so I knew I was in for a great day.  Billie had hung all the dresses up so I got some shots and then I saw “The Dress” hanging by the window it looked stunning and at the bottom of the dress were Billies Christian Laboutin shoes. I took them down to the staircase in the mansion and got some lovely pictures and also used the rings for some shots too.

When I went back up Billie was about to get into her dress… hair and make was done and she looked stunning.  Alan the father of the bride then came into the room and saw his daughter in her wedding dress. His expression was one of total proudness and pride. I took a lovely shot of Billie by the window before the registrars did their formalities and headed down to the Italian Gardens. I got set up for the ceremony, Reece was standing with Ricky slightly nervous but he had lots of calming people around him. It was at this point that the bridesmaids all started walking down the aisle and then Billie with her dad. Reece was not disappointed when he looked he took a very deep breath and had the biggest smile across his face.

The ceremony outside was beautiful and consisted of two readings and the brides little brother Roman and Ricky presenting the wedding rings.  After the ceremony they had a big kiss and the whole wedding erupted in cheers. They then walked down the aisle and had their drinks reception. After they had spent some quality time with their guests I took a shot of the whole wedding party together. I then took all the family shots using the steps, windows and old parts of the terrace.  I then took Billie and Reece off into the main areas of the grounds and used the pillars, archways and natural red brick.

All the guests then made their way in for the meal. The doors to the main room then opened and the bride and groom made their entrance in to everyone whistling and shouting. After the meal the speeches started. Reece, Ricky then the brides dad.  For me personally Rikki the best mans speech was a different gravy. Reece is a very popular lad, he could have probably picked a dozen best men but his relationship with Ricky is extremely close, their bond is closer than a cousin ..closer than a brother… “family is like the branches of a tree, we may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” a great quote. His speech was perfect, straight from the heart and not the internet like many best men speeches that you hear.

After the speeches I took the couple out for an evening sun shoot. The sun was warm and low and I made use of the treehouse and went slightly into the forest to get a nice break of light in the trees and colour in the grass.

We then headed in Billie and Reece cut their wedding cake. they then had their first dance together as Mr and Mrs Begley.  The guests all joined in and I got some great dancing shots. I finished the photos with a sunset shoot with Billie and Reece having a beautiful close embrace and kiss.

Billie and Reece, what a fantastic day.  Thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding. It was a beautiful day you two really were amazing. You did all the pictures and more and you did it in the heat on a very hot day. Your family and friends are amongst some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Have a fantastic honeymoon and I look forward to seeing you very soon for the viewing. JP.

Looking for a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding ? Here are some pictures  that I have selected from the day. Enjoy!

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