Christina and Robs Wedding Blake Hall

Happy couple at Blake Hall

Welcome to this blog post Christina and Robs Wedding at Blake Hall


Date – 29th July 2016

Ceremony and Reception – Blake Hall, Ongar. Essex

Bride – Christina Silva

Groom – Rob Tungatt

Bridesmaids – Nikki, Gabriella, Lucy, Lauren and Faye

Flowergirl – Alessia

Best Man – Paul Lawrance

Ushers – Kev, Jack and James

Brides Parents – Sue and Rino Grooms Parents – Christine and Peter

Toastmaster and Entertainment – Andy Mr H Productions

Video – A Hint Of mint

The Day started with me going to see Rob at their house in Hoddesdon, when I arrived Rob wasn’t in – he had been over at the venue decorating the room but he pulled up in style shortly after with his best man Paul in a beautiful Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible.  We started to do a few pictures then the rest of the boys arrived, Rob presented them all with a box full of gifts that he had bought them all and they all started getting ready.  I did a few more pics and then headed off to see Christina who was getting ready at Blake Hall.

When I got to Blake Hall I headed over to the Cottage that Christina was getting ready in, the girls were all very relaxed and Christina was looking stunning – hair and make up were almost done and all the bridesmaids were relaxed drinking Champagne and enjoying this part of the morning. Albina Collela was doing everyone’s hair (top hairdresser) and Stephanie Hemmings was doing the make up… they are a great team together and were spot on time wise (not like some – where they go way over on their time).. with them and me working together “as we regularly do” this was the dream team in action.

Christina then opened her card and gifts from Rob  .. the most beautiful bracelet and perfume “she was almost in tears when she opened them”.. it was one of those moments.  The weather at this point was wet and it kept stopping and starting.. we were in then out then out then in.. I actually thought “let’s get the rain out-of-the-way now” and shortly after the rain did stop and the sun came out. Then  Christina or “Chrissy” as I now know her got into her dress with the help of her mum and her maid of honour. Then she came down the stairs.. her dad cried .. she really did look stunning and beautiful ” I think when my daughter gets married I will be the same’.. It was one of the most beautiful moments for me in 23 years as a pro photographer.

The Ceremony took place outside in the grounds of Blake Hall, the guests sat on lovely handmade long benches with cushions on and then Christina came down the aisle on her dads arm. It was a beautiful Civil Ceremony – the couple didn’t stop smiling at each other and when the part came to kiss the bride Rob didn’t waste any time and went straight in.

I set up two lines of guests for the confetti shot and then the Bride and Groom walked down the centre as everyone through… it was at this point the rain started and we all got under the outside umbrellas for a few minutes then the sun stayed out all day and all evening.   I found a nice dry spot under some trees by the lake and did all the family shots.  Then I used a documentary approach to capture the joy and atmosphere of the guests as they were greeted by the Bride and Groom. I then took the couple off in to the main gardens of Blake Hall and used some of the beautiful grounds,structures of the buildings, walled gardens, doorways, gated areas and finished with a picture of Rob pushing Christina on the Garden swing…which Chrissy said to me was what sold the venue to her most of all.

The couple then sat down for the meal and I took this opportunity to grab a drink and sit outside with Austin Garrett from Blake Hall, Andy from Mr H and the 2 video guys from a Hint of Mint… see pic… great company and good chat. I had something to eat out there and recharged everything up.

I then photographed the speeches using a reportage approach with minimal flash as the light was nice and fairly bright and continued with the documentary photography through the evening  with some fun jumping and walking shots and then going inside to the Barn for the couples first dance together. I finished the pictures with a beautiful Silhouette of Rob and Chrissy sitting on the fence behind the main Barn.

Christina and Rob, I would like to personally thank you for choosing me to be your photographer.  It really was a great wedding and I loved every part of it.  I look forward to seeing you for the viewing of the Photographs very shortly when you return from your honeymoon.

Here is a selection of pictures that I have selected from the day.  JP  :)


Groom and best man on the wedding day

Bride getting ready at Blake Hall

Bride and bridemaids getting ready

Christina and Robs Wedding Blake Hall-5

Bride getting into her wedding dress

Bride and bridesmaids ready

Groom and best man walking to the camera

Pictures of the civil ceremony at Blake Hall

Confetti and smiling picture of the bride and groom

image of the bride and groom in the gardens of Blake Hall

image of the bride and groom at the gates of Blake Hall

image of the bride and groom with a love sign

image of the bride and groom outside the mansion house Blake Hall

image of the bride and groom on a swing at Blake Hall


image of the bride and grooms first dance at Blake Hall

Image of the bride and groom on a fence silouhetted against the purple sky


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Photographed and written © John Paul O’Donnell Photography.

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Christina and Robs Wedding at Blake Hall

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  1. Lovely sneak peek of what’s to come JP…….can’t wait!
    You were great on the day,very professional but also making us laugh and making us feel relaxed. Thanks!

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