Funeral Photography Drone and Live Video Streaming Hertfordshire

Funeral Photography Drone and Video Hertfordshire

Funeral Photography Drone and Video Hertfordshire. Due to Covid-19 I have been filming funerals so familys can preserve their treasured memory.

During the Covid-19 pandemic I was asked by a local funeral director if I could film a funeral. I had recently done the photography for their website and had some free time. The nature of my photography is to capture those special moments and if I can do it for a wedding why not for a funeral. So I decided to do it and create a beautiful memory for the family. The funeral was Dr Malinda Dissanayake who sadly caught Covid-19 whilst treating his patients in the A and E unit at North Middlesex Hospital.  I filmed at two locations, firstly the cortege arriving at the hospital where the doctors and nurses came our in abundance, then at the crematorium.

Another occasion was to film a funeral for a young man who had died in a tragic work accident. This funeral was the biggest Cheshunt has seen in many years. Danboy tragically died testing a new piece of plant machinery. I was asked to film the funeral by the family. We also arranged for the funeral Service to be Live Streamed so that the thousands of people who wanted to attend would be able to see it live. It was also for his two young children to remember their daddy. 

Funeral Photography Drone and Video Hertfordshire

Click the Image above to see the Video.  I started filming at the house then the church and then the cemetery,

So how does it work.

Please fill in the contact form, text message 07973986679  or email with what package you would like.

A. 1x  Location (Crematorium, Church or Graveside).

B. 2x Locations (Crematorium then Graveside for example). 

C. 1x extra Location (i.e. family leaving from home).

D. 1x Extra Camera in the Church for cortege arrivals and departures.

E. Live Stream. Only available with D.

F. Photography Service. 

We Include 50 Miles, Once we know the location we can work out the total milage.

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