Get the 007 Look on your wedding day – John Paul ODonnell Photography

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Get the 007 Look on your wedding day – John Paul ODonnell Photography

Tailor made – Get the 007 look on your wedding day

Get the 007 Look on your wedding day – by John Paul ODonnell Photography. With all the planning that goes into your wedding It is easy to get lost in all the fuss around the bride’s beautiful dress. But don’t forget that the groom has a role to play and it is equally important that he looks his absolute best on the day. Your going to see 7 main points that will help you immensely in getting the right look on your wedding day.

Get the 007 Look on your wedding day - John Paul ODonnell Photography

When I first meet a groom I always ask him what colour suit he is going for and what sort of look. Usually they have a good idea and have decided whether it is going to be a formal look such as morning suit or black tie. Sometimes it can be a lounge suit which is a little more relaxed yet maintains the smartness that a wedding demands.

I have noticed over the years that grooms can get it wrong. This is usually the fit of your suit. It must hang right, fit you nicely across the shoulders with no overhanging or pulling. It has to button comfortably without over stretching across the front and should be cut nicely into your waist. This will give a you a nice fit showing your body shape.  So that you get the look perfect put a nice set of cufflinks on (nice gift idea from the future Mrs”).

1.Shirt Sleeves. These must be long enough to allow half inch of shirt cuff to show. Avoid too long sleeves which cover half your hands, this is not a good look.

2.The Finish Is Key. The correct tie is a hugely important, its got to be silk and it must be high quality. The colour and design is personal to you but you cannot afford to cut back on quality here. Make sure the tie is tied with a nice knot take your time getting this spot on.

3.Pocket Squares. These are very fashionable at the moment and there are many ways to wear one. Don’t go too flamboyant and detract from your buttonhole though.

4. Waistcoat. Now when it comes to the waistcoat, make sure it fits you closely but not tightly. Its important that your able to breathe in it and there should be no  pulling from the buttons. Don’t forget traditionally you don’t do the bottom button up. This dates back to when the future Edward VII was Prince of Wales. Due to always struggling with his weight, he was unable to do up the bottom button on his waistcoat. So the court followed suit to make him feel better about his body image. This has stuck and many people don’t fasten it as tradition states. To the point that Saville Row tailors tell this story today.

5. Trousers. Should fit nicely around the waist without the need for a belt but not too tight. Your belt then becomes an additional final touch,  the hem rests nicely on the top of the shoe with a small break at the front.

6. Fabric. This is very important. Stay well away from anything man made like polyester etc. Natural fibre like wool, cashmere, silk cannot be beaten and will give maximum comfort and the best appearance.

7. Shoes. Make sure they are highly polished, the heels are new and they need to be a leather dress shoes.

Remember these tips and you will look and feel like …”Bond…James Bond!”



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