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hertfordshire’s most beautiful wedding venue in my opinion is Fanhams Hall.

Fanhams Hall hotel is located in Ware, Hertfordshire.  Its a Jacobean Mansion house and one of the facts about Fanhams is the fact that Lord Brocket’s wife Lady Brocket resided here until her death in 1949. It was Lady Brocket’s interest in horticulture that influenced the employment of Japanese gardeners to create the Hall’s formal gardens. Her ornamental lakes and choice of trees (such as Japanese maples) can still be seen in the present-day formal grounds.

An exceptional combination where old tradition meets the 21st century, Fanhams Hall is a Jacobean Manor House with 77 bedrooms.  ‘ been converted into a dedicated training and meeting venue that is designed to be different. The hotel’s Hertfordshire location is just a short distance from all the major routes into London, Stansted, M1, M25 or simply the A10 just around the corner.

In my opinion as a pro photographer every angle at Fanhams is a winner. Theres so many beautiful areas that lend themselves to photographs and with Fanhams Hall the sun is always in the right position.

The Long Gallery at Fanhams is probably the best room in Hertfordshire to get married in .. (see photos)

Long Gallery

Hertfordshire's most beautiful wedding venue
Fanhams Hall Long Gallery

The Courtyard is a lovely entrance to the reception area and makes a beautiful backdrop.

The Courtyard

Hertfordshire's most beautiful wedding venue
Fanhams Hall Courtyard

The Mansion House and pictures of this area are the ones that always make me look and think “this is just simply so beautiful and perfect”.

The Mansion House

Hertfordshire's most beautiful wedding venue
Fanhams Hall Mansion House

The Entrance at Fanhams Hall is amazing, I love taking pictures in this area of The Jacobean mansion.


Hertfordshire's most beautiful wedding venue
Fanhams Hall Entrance

The Japanese Tea House and Gardens are fabulous and you can actually get married in this area of the grounds.

Japanese Gardens

Hertfordshire's most beautiful wedding venue
Fanhams Hall Japanese Gardens

The Great Hall is the heart of the Mansion House in my opinion.  You have the minstrel Gallery also which overlooks the fantastic Hall.

The Great Hall

Hertfordshire's most beautiful wedding venue
Fanhams Hall Great Hall

It was only last Sunday 12th April that I was there for a family meal. Debbie Guy the GM was there personally greeting people. The food for a Sunday Lunch was absolutely first class and amazing, afterwards we sat out in the Sun on the Terrace and walked around the grounds.  That is what Fanhams Hall is in one word (Amazing) in every way.  I’ve seen it from both sides as a Pro Photographer and also as a customer.  This is why in my opinion Fanhams Hall is hertfordshire’s most beautiful wedding venue.

Fanhams Hall Hotel click here

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