Lily and Steves Wedding at Fanhams Hall

After the speeches an image in the courtyard fanhams hall

Enjoy this blog post Lily and Steves Wedding at Fanhams Hall

Date – 31st July 2016

Ceremony and Reception – Fanhams Hall Hotel, Ware, Hertfordshire

Bride – Lily Chinnick

Groom – Steve Dowling

Couples Children – Josh and Megan

Bridesmaids – Megan, Jade, Chelsea, Madison and Kirsten

Page boy- Josh

Best Man – Dean

Usher – Danny

Toastmaster and MC – Jonathan Waterman

Entertainment –


The Initial Meeting.  I met Lily and Steve when they came over to Fanhams Hall to see me at a Wedding show. They had been recommended by the Amazing and very talented Jonathan Ian waterman.  They came over and we had a really good chat and some laughs as well we really got on… I had a good feeling that they would go ahead and book me and they did.  Part of the Storybook Package they went for included a pre wedding Photoshoot which we did on a Monday 18/7 just under 2 weeks before the big day…. the sun was golden and it really was perfect light to shoot in – Josh and Megan also came and they had some pictures done with their mum and dad as part of the shoot.  We sat out afterwards on the Terrace at Fanhams, had a drink in the sun and ran through the day in detail.. heres a  picture from the shoot.

Lily and Steve-1


The Wedding Day. The day started at 12.45 with me doing some shots with Steve and his best man in one of the Rooms at Fanhams that they were getting ready in. The couples two children (Josh and megan) came in too and I got some pictures of the boys getting their cufflinks in etc.

I then arrived in the room to see lily, she was just about to have her hair and make up done.  I took some relaxed background shots and with the help of one of Lily’s closest friends and Bridesmaid (Kirston) We took all the dresses including the brides into the adjoining room and set a beautiful up.

I then shot down to see Steve and the groomsmen in the courtyard before they went up into The Long Gallery for the Wedding Ceremony.

I went back in and saw Lily having her hair and make up finished and then she got into her dress “she looked stunning”.

The ceremony then started and Lily was given away by her grandad Ken.. very proud man and he really was honored to give his beautiful grandaughter away and walk her down the aisle.

After the ceremony.. Jonathan Waterman (great toastmaster and coordinator) gathered all the guests in and I took a picture from the window of all the guests cheering and raising a glass. I then took the couple round the grounds of Fanhams Hall.. which they were very knowledgeable on as we did a shoot there revcently before the wedding (see above). The guests were all then invited to take their seats in The Great Hall for the wedding breakfast.  Whilst this was happening the couple had a quick game of table tennis which the guests could see through the windows… it was great and made for some brilliant pictures.

This is an image of the groom and groomsmen getting ready

This is an image of the Long Gallery and bridesmaids at the hotel

This is an image of the bride getting her hair and make up done at the hotel

This is an image of the groom arriving at the hotel with the groomsmen before the wedding ceremony

This is an image of the bride getting into her wedding dress

The wedding ceremony in the long gallery at fanhams hall

The bride and groom confetti shot

The bride and groom and all the guests after the wedding ceremony

Lily and Steves Wedding at Fanhams Hall 059-060

The bride and groom laughing in the gardens after the wedding ceremony

The bride and groom are playing table tennis

After the speeches an image in the courtyard

this image is of the guests all dancing with the bride and groom

this image is of the bride and grooms the first dance

This is a picture of some fun wedding dancing

An image is of the bride and groom outside Fanhams Hall at night


Personal message.

Hey guys.. its been really nice spending time with you .. not only on the Pre shoot and sitting out having a drink but the Wedding Day.  Loved meeting all your friends and family and being there with you all.  Chat very soon.  JP

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Photographed and written © John Paul O’Donnell Photography.

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Lily and Steves Wedding at Fanhams Hall

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  1. Hi John..Tina Scott here..Lily’s Stepmum, first of all I’d like to say her Father & I think you have an amazing talent for catching great moments and memories to cherish X These photos are magical.. I think Tony has already spoken to you on the day, regarding purchasing a small collection of photos for ourselves to keep so if poss could you email me so we can correspond and I can tell you the photos we wish to purchase….Thanking you kindly, Tina & Tony

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