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Packages and Prices

  • Here are our latest  wedding photography Packages.
  • Everything is included in the price shown, extensive coverage usually 10 -11 hours, Italian storybook album including 60 images and the high resolution edited images of your favourite 60.
  • Everything can be personalised to what you would like for your big day, if overnight is required its usually £100 extra.

THE COVERAGE ” The Story Of The DAY “

The photography usually starts with the Groom preparations then 2 hours before the ceremony we start the Bridal preparations and continue through the day and evening until the main dancing. We guarantee you a coverage upwards of 500 images. We upload the edited images into an online gallery, guests can then purchase the pictures directly on site and receive their photos within a week of ordering.  The Storybook albums all come with an acrylic front cover and the standard 30* pages. You select the first 60 photographs at a private viewing before the guests see them all online. John Paul O’Donnell then designs the Storybook with your selected chosen images. Once finished the design is put online for you to view and if necessary we will make *one set of alterations. Once approved the Storybook is ready for collection approximately 4 – 8 weeks later. High resolution files of  your favourite 60 images are included.

The Album Packages  

Wedding photography Packages Hertfordshire
We have a huge variety of covers and trims.

Single Album Collections

Package 1. A4 Storybook £1600 

Package 3. 14×10 Storybook   £1800  

Package 5. 16×12 Storybook   £2000   

Three Album Collections (for parents)

Package 2. A4 Storybook Plus £2000 inc 2  copies

Package 4. 14×10 Storybook Plus   £2200 inc 2  copies

Package 6. 16×12 Storybook Plus   £2400 inc 2  copies

Seven Album Collections (parents and guests)

     Package 7. A4 Storybook Multi £2600 inc 6  copies

Package 8. 14×10 Storybook Multi  £2800 inc 6  copies

Package 9. 16×12 Storybook Multi   £3000 inc 6 copies

“If you would like all the high resolution images and not just the 60 that are included add £500 to the package. Why not ask when enquiring if this can be included as in certain circumstances it can be”.

       Package 10. Disk Package £1500 All the edited High Resolution Images  500 +

Additions. Metal Cover for the Primary Album A4,14×10 or 16×12  £175  

Copy Books. Duplicate copies of the main album, plain hardback cover.

A5  £300                                                                                                                           

A4  £500                                                                                                                           

14×10  £650

Guests Books  £200. 8 mini 6×4 albums –Surprise friends, bridesmaids and family members with these amazing minis.

Pre Wedding Shoot  £300. A great opportunity to practice your poses and get used to my style of photography. 1-2 hours on location with all your images included.

Prints all available through our Smug Mug page via password link.

6” x 4”            Photograph  £12.50  

7” x 5”            Photograph  £13.00                                                                               

9” x 6”            Photograph  £16.00

8″ x 10″          Photograph  £20.00 

16”x12”         Photograph  £80.00

20”x16”         Photograph  £125.00


Canvas Wraps   and   Metal Prints    Ordered through us at time of viewing.                                             

2” New York Canvas Stretched or Printed straight to aluminium

Canvas 12×12 £140   Metal £180

Canvas 16×12 £200   Metal £240

Canvas 16×16 £235   Metal £270

Canvas 16×20 £295   Metal £330

Canvas 20×20 £310   Metal £420

Canvas 20×24 £375   Metal £510

Canvas 24×30 £450   Metal £590

Canvas 24×36 £490   Metal £650

For any further detailed information and prices for the various personalised collections, please use my  Contact Form

or call us on 01992 307817