Perfect Ten Reportage Wedding Photography Poses

The Ultimate Ten Reportage Wedding Photography Poses

Reportage wedding photography


Perfect Ten Reportage Wedding Photography Poses
The Ultimate Ten Reportage Wedding Photography Poses

 The Ultimate and Best Reportage Poses

Reportage Photography is no doubt extremely popular with couples who are getting married now. If you are looking to shoot some photographs of a couple then use these ten poses.  These poses have worked for me over a 26 year professional career at the top of the ladder in Photographing weddings.

Reportage photography has many different connotations to it. My version and view on Reportage is, classical photography taken in a very informal and fun way. You cannot take a wedding picture without using any control. You need to get the couple to walk in the direction you need and gently get them doing things naturally.  Rather than saying walk in that direction.. say “walk to that point slowly then put you arm over her shoulder or pick her up and kiss her”  because I want to bring the sun into the shot or keep them out the shadows.  You see this type of photography has to have some element of structure, those people who say I take pictures with no posing on your day really are going to get possibly one lucky shot, they will then have to work tirelessly on the image in photoshop after.

Taking the pictures the way that we do at we guarantee you a consistent beautiful set of images that you are going to have to choose from.

So on your wedding day, do things your photographer asks but also, naturally do things and your photographer will love it.  If you want to look as she walks down the aisle in the church then LOOK.. this is your day and you have to do what you feel you want to and not be held back by whats acceptable.

As a pro photographer the advice I give all my couples is .. be yourselves and do things as naturally as possible.. I always look for the cheeky wink and the glances that couples give each other.  I photographed a wedding on easter Monday 6th April .. and the bridegroom when he saw the bride walk down the aisle looked up and was blown away… see the blog Kate & Chris Hengrave Hall, Essex.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post.

Written and photography © John paul ODonnell Photography.


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