Should I get a videographer for my wedding?

Should I get a videographer for my wedding?

This is a great question and one that can make or break your day, from a photographers perspective there’s lots of reasons both for and against.

Most of the reasons that photographers may be against having a wedding videographer  is usually due to having a bad experience with one or two, there are lots of inexperienced videographers out there, just the same as there are lots of inexperienced photographers out there too.

This is not a videographer bashing post by any means, however when it comes to capturing your day an inexperienced videographer will most likely get in the way, albeit accidentally.

I know we all have to learn our craft at some point but do you want that learning experience to be at your wedding, I know I wouldn’t.

So the reasons that you should get a videographer are many, with today’s technology adding video to your list of ‘must haves’ is becoming very popular. With the use of drones etc the sky is literally the limit when it comes to capturing your wedding day. But before you go booking just any old videographer you will want to ask them a few questions.

One being insurance this relates to photographers as well, we must hold public liability insurance along with a few other requirements before we can attend a lot of venues.

Communication between your photographer and videographer is a must

So often I see videographers ‘set up camp’ in the middle of the aisle making it hard to get a full wide photograph of your church or outdoor ceremony. (The same could be said for an inexperienced photographer too)

This is where communication comes in, the videographers I recommend and work with frequently know that we are all there to do our job and we work together seamlessly. Dream Team

We will discuss in great detail your ceremony and how it will play out, where we’ll be and how we’ll address any issues that may arise IE wide venue shot etc, after all I don’t want to be in their way either so having a team that work together is a must have.

Which brings me to my next point

why doesn’t John Paul ODonnell Photography offer video as a service?

To answer this question I’d like to take you back about 6 or so years, when digital SLR cameras (yes the same ones I use) became standard kit for a lot of guys shooting video, this was because they offered great low light shooting alongside high definition output. So why not just flick across to video and shoot that too I hear you ask? Well to be honest shooting video requires a whole new skill set and really isn’t anything like shooting still images.

Another point is dress code

I have seen both videographers and photographers attend weddings wearing less than professional attire, a T shirt and a pair of shorts with Trainers is not a great look.

Now your wedding is a very special occasion, your photographer & videographer need to look the part, not look like they’re going to the pub, and that doesn’t ever allow for a T shirt or shorts or jeans for that matter.

Respect for your day must be priority

There are some truly amazing videographers out there that do amazing work so if you’re thinking of booking a videographer please do get in touch as I’d love to share my recommendation with you.

If you’re looking for a UK wedding photographer please get in touch!

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I have a select videographers that I recommend so get in touch and I’ll be happy to pass on their details

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