Wedding Photographer Cheshunt – Alexander O’Neal live

Wedding Photographer Cheshunt -

Alexander O’Neal Live “was Amazing”.

“One of the best nights ever!”

On 28th December I was very fortunate to attend a private performance. This was limited to only 100 people.  Mr Alexander O’Neal was absolutely first class and sang all his best songs.

He had a team of over 20 people with him. This included roadies, staging, lighting and security. Then there was the band. 10 people plus himself. This was made up of 3 on keyboard, 3 on guitar, 1 drums and 3 backing singers. Then there was of-course the man himself Mr Alexander O’Neal.

The power of his voice was amazing. It really was as good live as I have ever heard anyone sing.  He interacted really well with the audience and had us all up dancing and singing along.

As this was a private party, I wasn’t there as an official photographer, so I got my I phone 6 out to take a few pictures, these are below.

There is a link at the bottom of the page to my YouTube channel and also a video that I uploaded too.

When you have grown up through your teenage years listening to Alexander O’Neal, also other great superstars like Luther Vandross, Rod Stewart etc,  it really is an amazing thing to see them play live and sing. Being one of only 100 people you can’t explain the feeling that comes over you.. it really is indescribable and is as though he is singing for you and only you.

Here are a few photographs from “Wedding Photographer Cheshunt – Alexander O’Neal live”.


Alexander O’Neal live in Cheshunt.

Wedding Photographer Cheshunt – Alexander O’Neal live 1



Alexander O’Neal  backing singers live in Cheshunt.

Wedding Photographer Cheshunt – Alexander O’Neal live 2


Alexander O’Neal live in Cheshunt performing “Hearsay”.

Wedding Photographer Cheshunt – Alexander O’Neal live 3

To see Alexander O’Neal “Criticize” Live Click here.  On our YouTube channel  you will see some new testimonial videos. These are placed by our couples whose weddings we have done.  This really does show future couples that we go that bit extra for Weddings that we do.


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