10 Benefits of Booking a Mid-Week Wedding

10 Benefits of booking a midweek wedding

Title – 10 Benefits of Booking a Mid-Week Wedding

Want to book the wedding venue of your dreams but your budget cant stretch? consider a mid week wedding and it could be possible.Many couples choose to stick to tradition and marry on a weekend. If you’d rather avoid the costs that may be associated with a weekend wedding, you may like to consider a wedding during the week.

Initially you may have a few concerns when it comes to considering a mid-week wedding:

  • What will my family think?
  • What if my guests can’t get time off work?
  • Will people think we can’t afford a weekend wedding?

Couples planning their big day are now discovering the huge advantages that a mid-week wedding has to offer. Here are our top 10 reasons why we think you could consider booking a mid-week day.

Reduce your Wedding Costs considerably

1: Save Money on your Wedding Venue

The cost of your wedding venue will be one of the largest expenses for your day. Hiring a wedding venue on a week day can reduce the cost hugely. In comparison to a Friday or Saturday its a lot cheeper. Demand is always going to be higher at weekends,. Venues tend to price the weekend dates a lot higher. Research has shown that if you book your wedding Monday to Thursday you could save a fortune. The fact remains you’re still booking the exact same venue.  But the overall cost may be less expensive. In the Summer months considering a weekday date could save you thousands! If you’re keen to book your dream wedding venue but budget stretch, consider a mid-week wedding.

2: Save Your Guests Money

You can save your guests money by booking your mid-week wedding. Your  guests may need to stay in a hotel overnight and room rates drop during the week. Public transports and flights is also cheaper.

3: Benefit from a More Affordable Honeymoon

A midweek wedding could save you money on your honeymoon as well. Weekends tend to be more expensive than weekdays to fly. If you Opt for a wednesday wedding your flights on a Thursday could save you a small fortune.

Create the Wedding of Your Dreams

4: Greater Availability at your Dream Venue

The most popular wedding venues are booked in excess of 2 years. If you’re looking to get married sooner at your dream venue then a mid-week wedding  could make your wedding perfect!

5: Registrars

It’s not just wedding venues who book well in advance. Registrars conduct several weddings throughout a day and are in huge demand. The more weddings the more competition there is to book your registrar. Fridays and Saturdays tend to be the busiest. Registrars typically have far more availability in  the week. You have a lot more choice on timings as weekends are a lot busier.

6: Book Your Favourite Wedding Suppliers Easily

Have you got your eye on a particular pro photographer and you want them to capture your special day. The best wedding photographers, videographers etc are in high demand . Choose to have your wedding mid-week and your wedding suppliers will likely have much better availability.

7: Special Finishing Touches

The savings that can be achieved by booking your wedding during the week could mean you have room in your budget for some special finishing touches. You could arrive in a helicopter or have a photo booth or even spend it on the wedding breakfast.

Hayley and Tommys Wedding at Gosfield Hall Essex

Added Bonuses of Booking a Mid-Week Wedding

8: Your family and friends get a day off

By sending your Save the Date cards early, your guests should be able to take the day off work in order to attend your big day. Your guests will welcome an exciting day out of the office and depending on the day of the wedding they may even be able to turn it in to a mini-break.

9: Extend Your Celebrations

Having your wedding mid week gives you the opportunity to perhaps have a family BBQ at the weekend. This would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on your big day.This will add to the memories with family and friends having more time to catch up if they’ve travelled.

10: Hold your wedding on a Special Date

Consider getting married on the anniversary of when you first met? Or the date that the proposal happened? Booking a Friday or Saturday wedding might not allow you to do this, plus, a significant date is far more meaningful.

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