barry and staceys wedding at sandbanks hotel

bride and groom on the beach holding hands

Barry and Stacey’s civil ceremony wedding at Sandbanks Hotel


Date of the Wedding – 22nd October 2016

Bride – Stacey Webster

Groom – Barry Hamilton (Baz)

Pageboy – Jack Hamilton (couples son)

Flowergirl – Caitlin (Brides niece)

Wedding ceremony and reception – The Sandbanks Hotel – Poole  Dorset.

Bride given away by – Barry Hamilton Snr

Car supplied by – Fred

Best man – Nick Capini


How we met.

I arrived at The Sandbanks Hotel at 11pm on Friday 21st October and saw Barry and Stacey in the bar with their families… they just had the day from hell after spending 6 hours in AE with Jack who had Crupe… he was ok now and they were together in the Bar relaxing after a right tough day.  The families of the couple are people who I have met and know well, as I did Stacey’s sister Cher’s wedding 3 years ago so it was lovely to see everyone.  It was at their wedding 3 years ago that I met Barry and Stacey and we just hit it off straight away.  I took Barry’s number and he took mine and we became friends on facebook etc. I followed their journey with their getting engaged, to the birth of their son jack and their move down to poole in Dorset. Barry turned round to me at that wedding and said “do you know what JP.. ” when I get married to ‘Stace’.. you’re gonna be our photographer.. I don’t just say things like this .. you’re the Bo#####s and you’re gonna be there with us celebrating”.  Well six months ago Baz called me and said “we have set the date 21st October at The Sandbanks Hotel… are you free that day JP”?   “yes Baz Im free”.. Book us in we want you there with us.  I was honoured to be asked to do it.. they put me up for two nights in the hotel and I stayed there and felt so privileged.


The wedding Day

I went in to room 107 (Bridal Suite ) and saw Stacey … she was sitting having her hair done and was having some beautiful ivory roses put in. She was really relaxed and smiling – her blue eyes really sparkling.  Her dress was hanging up and looked amazing. The prosecco was open she was drinking that whilst having her hair done and she said to me I feel so relaxed and happy.  I did some hair shots and then shot down to see Baz arrive.  He arrived in his friend Fred’s Rover 110, great car and what a great man who owned it.  I did a few pictures at the front of the hotel with Baz, Fred and Nick and then walked out to the back of the hotel and shot some pictures of them by the beach.  I then went back up to Stacey to get the make up shots.

When I got in Stacey was having her make up finished off and was with Nicks girlfriend having a glass of prosecco.. Cher came in and had her hair done.  I then got Stacey to stand out on the balcony and took some shots of her with the low warm sun on her holding her wedding dress.  she then got into her dress and had some pictures taken. It was at that point Barry snr came in and had seen his daughter in law in the dress…. what a proud man he was to give her away.

We went down and I set up for the wedding ceremony.  Baz was there with all his guests and they all took their seats for the ceremony.  Stacey then made her entrance and came in with Barry and Jack.. Baz had a tear and was a very happy man – he was marrying the love of his life. During the ceremony Jack wanted his dad and he walked over and joined in the ceremony with mummy and daddy.  There were two beautiful readings and then the registers were signed .  They then walked out into the bar and their guests followed for drinks.  After about 15 minutes I got all the guests to come out to the front of The Hotel and join in one massive shot of everybody with the couple.

Fred had put The Wedding Car across the road by the sea front. I took a picture of the couple with the car and then with the hotel in the background.  It was then that they did their walk across the zebra crossing (Beatles Cover) with Fred and being the gentleman that he is he got into character…and walked extremely well. We then walked around to the beach and took some pictures …people were coming up to them taking pictures and congratulating them.  They walked onto the beach and I got some amazing shots as they walked along the water’s edge. They held hands and looked at each other it was lovely. Jack then came out and I took the most important picture for them which was them with their son walking on the beach together. They then went up to join the guests on the terrace and Stacey got the sand out of her shoes.

Stacey’s sisters then came and joined her and I did some pictures of “the Webster girls” before going into the room to get the shots of the couple entrance in.

The meal was served and everyone sat down to eat.  After the meal the speeches started it was firstly Barry the father of the groom – he said how honoured he was to give Stacey away and how he wished the three of them all the love in the world.  Barry then followed and was naturally brilliant at speaking – “well he does sell cars for a living” and is probably the best talker I’ve ever met… id buy a car of him tomorrow and have all the extras as well lol.  He told us all how he met Stacey in Manchester and after their first date he wasn’t prepared to wait four days to see her again – he saw her the next day too.  This was the beginning of a love story and these two are so in love it radiates through them both  “beautiful to see”.  Then followed Nick who had flown in from Malta to be best man.  He was very articulate and spoke beautifully about his best friend and how they met which involved Baz selling him a car… and all the extras too. They kept in touch and had become very good mates.

After the speeches the room was turned around for the evening’s entertainment. The Hamilton cocktail had been created and the guests were putting these away nicely.  The magician was working his way round the guests…he was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

The DJ had set up and the cake was ready to be cut, they cut the cake and then started the dancing off with their first dance together.  The guests all then joined in and the party was on.

Personal message to Baz and Stace.

You’re a great couple, we hit it off when we met three years ago.  I could see then that you two were made for each other and you really are.  I know after this we will still remain in close contact and will see each other soon.  I will definitely be coming out with you for a night in Bournemouth when I come down next.  Lots of love.

These pictures hopefully give a good flavour of their day and just how beautiful a backdrop The Sandbanks Hotel is. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT *   These Images are low resolution. Anyone wishing to use them for social media purposes please make sure that the Logo is seen and that credit is given to John Paul O’Donnell Photography. 


Bride by the sea

Brides shoes stain the background

Bride holding her wedding dress by the sea

Pageboy putting his suit on

Groom inside the wedding car with best man

Groom with best man and wedding car

before the ceremony groom and best man

groom on the terrace of the wedding venue by the beach

Wedding rings

groom talking to guests before the wedding

page boy bride and dad walking to the groom

bride and groom laughing during the civil ceremony

bride groom and their son who is the page boy

all the guests from the wedding with the bride and groom

bride and groom walking at the hotel

bride and groom sunshine by the sea

bride and groom kissing by the wedding car by the sea

bride groom and a friend using the zebra crossing

bride and groom about to kiss at sandbanks hotel gate

sunshine with the bride and groom

bride and groom on the beach holding hands

bride and groom on the beach holding

bride and groom by the sea at the beach

Bride and groom playing with their son whilst holding hands on the beach

bride by the beach sea behind

dad doing his speech

groom doing his wedding speech

best mans wedding speech

some guests jumping in the air

magician at a wedding

bride and groom cutting a wedding cake

bride and grooms first dance as a married couple

bride and groom sunset at sandbanks hotel on the beach



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