Best Man duties before and on the Wedding day

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Best Man duties before and on the Wedding day

Checklist of Duties

In my job as a professional Photographer I have personally seen well over 1500 Best man speeches.  So what makes a Brilliant Best man speech ?  Well when you are asked by your best mate to his best man, don’t make the mistake of printing a speech off the internet and using all the content from those websites. Its your friend and the fact that you have been given the Job of Best Man means that you have the honour of representing him on behalf of all your friends and his close family.

Here are the 5 points that I have put down which will help you to be The perfect ” Best Man”ever.


If you use you will not go far wrong.

  1. Dont make the mistake to use all the internet gags – most people at the wedding will know that you’ve printed it from the Net and it will stand out a mile away.
  2. Speak to family – and use your own stories, this will be so much more personal to the Groom and will get the guests eating out the palm of your hand.
  3. Dont mention ex girlfriends – better to mention the times that you went out as kids or teenagers and had a great laugh with all the other boys.
  4. Know when to pause.. when you’re in full flow and the guests are laughing.. pause and let them laugh then carry on, this way you will not lose part of the speech due to noise from the guests laughter.
  5. Timing, I have seen best men speeches go on for almost an hour.  the perfect time is between 15 and 20 minutes.  Take the groom to an uncomfortable place then bring him back and end up telling everyone that he is the guy you know as your best mate and you know he will always keep his bride safe and protect her.

Dont forget the Duties that are required of you as Best man. Heres the Checklist.



As soon as possible once you have been asked by the groom.

  1. Plan the Stag Doo.

At the Rehearsal

  1. Attend the rehearsal. Pay attention—you may need to help others remember their places and schedules later.

At Home, on the Wedding Day

  1. Help the groom get dressed.
  2. Get any payments for suppliers from the groom. Have him put the payments in individual sealed envelopes with each recipient’s name on one.
  3. Take charge of the wedding ring(s). Put them somewhere safe
  4. Get him to the wedding venue on time.

At the Ceremony

  1. Stand by the groom’s side while waiting for the ceremony to start.
  2. Hand the groom the ring(s) if there is no ring bearer.
  3. Escort the maid of honor down the aisle when the ceremony finishes.

After the Ceremony

  1. Deliver the fee envelope(s) in private to the suppliers.
  2. Keep the drinks coming for the couple so that they are well looked after 

At the Reception

  1. Welcome guests, mingle, and make introductions. 
  2. Organize guests and ushers for the main photographs.
  3. Give the third toast and speech after the groom.
  4. Dance with the bride and the maid of honor.

Stick with this and you wont go far wrong.


Best Man duties before and on the Wedding day
Best Man duties before and on the Wedding day


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