Best man duties – pure and simple

Best Man Wedding

During the planning of the wedding

Help the groom choose the Suits.

It’s important to go with the groom and help choose his suit and the suits for yourself and the ushers.

Arrange the Suit fittings.

Speak to the dads and the ushers and arrange a meeting at a bar or restaurant have some lunch and then get everyone to the fitting.

Organise the Stag do.

One of the main responsibilities of the Best man duties – pure and simple he has to arrange this.  Keep track of who’s invited, who’s coming, where you will all be staying and what activities will take place.  keep on top of the costs, making sure each person pays his share.

Shortly before the wedding

Organise the bride and grooms departure from the hotel.

Speak to a good car company and arrange for a nice car to take the couple off after the wedding reception has finished.

Attend the wedding rehearsal a week or so before the big day.

Attend the rehearsal, by doing this you will see the way that the wedding will run on the day and take pressure off of yourself.

On the wedding day morning.

Help the Bridegroom get dressed and ready.

Get to the house or hotel really early and make sure the groom is ok and has everything he needs.

Secure the wedding rings.

Make sure that the Bridegroom gives the rings to you and that you put them somewhere very safe.

Make sure the Bridegroom has a good breakfast.

Very important that the Bridegroom eats a substantial breakfast as this will set him up nicely for the long day ahead.

At the wedding ceremony.

Make sure the ushers are all there.

Have their mobile numbers saved in your phone. You may need to call them and get them to pick last-minute things up on the way to the wedding.

Make sure that the buttonholes are there and that everyone has one.

There is a skill to putting a buttonhole on, some have magnets and not pins. YouTube is great for these type of  things.

If there a ring cushion make sure that the rings are secured on it.

Tie the rings nice and firmly so that they are secure.

Make sure you escort the maid of honour down the aisle.

One of the perks of the best man, just don’t forget to escort the mother of the bride afterwards.

At the reception.

Organise who will be doing the speeches.

The actual order is father of the bride, Groom and then best man. Some weddings now break from tradition and the bride will have the final speech.

Organise the people for photographs for the photographer.

As a professional photographer on the day it always helps when there is someone to gather and get people for the photos.  If you are too busy then delegate to the ushers.

Dance with the bridesmaids.

Once the first dance takes place the next dance is always the bride and her father. Once this dance has taken place it is the best mans duty to make sure the bridesmaids join in.

Have a car waiting to take the couple away from the reception.

Once the wedding reception has come to an end, assemble all the guests outside for the couples departure from reception. Have the car outside ready.


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Best man duties - pure and simple
Best man duties – pure and simple
Best man duties - pure and simple
Best man duties – pure and simple
FanhaBest man duties - pure and simple
Best man duties – pure and simple


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