Best tips on choosing your wedding venue

Bride and Groom Wedding at Fanhams Hall

The absolute Best tips on choosing your wedding venue

As a photographer I have personally photographed over 1000 weddings so I have met and chatted to many couples. One of the questions on our Photography Booking form is ” what made you select your Photographer and wedding venue “??. Feedback is always brilliantly received here, so I am now going to share some of it with you.

So why is it so important to ask these questions when choosing your wedding venue ? Well when couples decide to get married, they  plan their wedding day perfectly. They want their day to be amazing and the best day to their lives. They want it to be better than any other wedding their families and friends have ever been to before. These simple 5 questions are so important to ask and it’s from real weddings that have taken place that the information comes from.

Choosing you wedding venue comes down to these main 5 key points:

These main 5 points are:

  •  Size – How many bedrooms has the hotel got, will it accommodate all our guests who wish to stay ??
  •  Sit down numbers – How many people can the venue accommodate for our ceremony and meal?
  •  Professional photography point – Is it going to be nice for our photographs ?
  •  Exclusive – Is it only us on the day – do we have exclusive use ??
  •  Acreage – How big are the hotel gardens and grounds ?     

These are the 5 questions that appear on our question forms time and time again.  I hope that they help when choosing your wedding venue.

If you are looking for detailed sizes and key points to wedding venues then take a look at this post on the top ten wedding venues. here

Have a read of this (its compiled from a form that we go through with our clients after the big). The 14 questions you wish you’d asked your wedding venue Click here

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