The 14 questions you wish youd asked your wedding venue

The 14 questions you wish you'd asked your wedding venue

An independent and unbiased guide

Many couples that we deal with at our busy Hertfordshire studio chat with us about their wedding day once everything is finished.  Quite often couples will tell us horror stories of what has happened at their friends weddings and occasionally but not very often at their own ones.

The list of the problems have been very cleverly worded into a 14 question guide for you.  This really will help you to iron out any problems that may occur before your special day.  If you can read this guide and even use one of the 14 listed questions then this guide has worked to make your wedding day perfect.  They are all very important points that are listed and I am sure that you will find many of them useful.

Here they are:


The 14 questions 

  • Are there any changes planned to the venue before my wedding?
  • Can we set up at your wedding venue the day before our wedding?
  • Do you have a list of trusted suppliers that you recommend for weddings?
  • Are there any suppliers that we have to use for our wedding?
  • Does your venue have public liability insurance?
  • How long do we have the venue for on the day of the wedding?
  • Does the bar have a card machine?
  • Can the bar license be extended?
  • Are we allowed to move furniture around and change the layout of rooms at your venue?
  • How many toilets do you have at your wedding venue?
  • How often will the toilets be cleaned during our wedding?
  • Do you have a cloakroom that our wedding guests can use?
  • Is there a smoking area at your wedding venue?
  • Is the smoking area heated?

The 14 questions you wish youd asked your wedding venue.  Please like comment and share using the links below.

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