Covid 19 wedding day Photo shoot at Fanhams Hall

Covid 19 wedding day Photo shoot at Fanhams Hall. The big day was booked but due to the virus cancelled. We did a shoot on what was to be their big day.

Dr Lucy Richardson and Gareth Dunn were due to get married on Saturday 20th June this year in an outside ceremony at Fanhams Hall. Due to covid 19 they like many couples had to sadly cancel their wedding and change their date. 

So Lucy contacted me with the idea of a shoot on what was to be her wedding day. She arranged with Fanhams and we did a photoshoot to mark the occasion. The shoot started at 11am the weather was perfect. We did some serious and intimate photos using the Japanese Gardens and Formal Gardens. But couldn’t let the shoot happen without some hand gel and face masks. The headline that day in the Telegraph was “End of lockdown in sight” so we used the newspaper too. 

Anybody who has had to rearrange their wedding due to Covid 19, why not speak to your photographer and arrange a shoot. This was a brilliant idea and a warm up to what will certainly be an amazing wedding to come.

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