Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography

My documentary style wedding photography ensures my photographs will tell an honest and unscripted story of your day.  Although its important to take those important family shots I like to take capture shots which bear resemblance to the feelings, the emotions, you’ll experience on your wedding day.

A lot of the wedding I personally shoot these days aren’t formal and stuffy, and the photography isn’t either. The photographs are the only thing which become more important and hold more significance over the years. Recently one of of my brides text me to say she sadly lost her dad only 3 weeks after her wedding. I sent through all the pictures of him giving her away and when he first saw her in her dress, moments that you can’t set up and pose and moments that are priceless. To say that the dress, shoes, flowers, venue, entertainment will all be forgotten over time is a well used phrase and to be honest it’s very true. Your memories become more precious, and your photographs will become the only way to revisit your day.  There will be little people who have not even been born yet to witness that day themselves in many years from now. Documentary wedding photography ensures a fluidity to the day and a genuine feeling to your wedding photographs.

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