Fashion Photography Tips Hertfordshire

Fashion Photography tips Hertfordshire

Fashion Photography Tips Hertfordshire.

Tools, Guidance and Expertise.

Tools.  I use a Nikon D3 or D4 with a 70 – 200 mm F2.8 lens. This works very well for the full length shots and detail for closer up images aswell. I usually set the Camera body to ISO 800 and set the Camera Programme to manual at F8 with a Nikon SB 800 flash gun set at 0 with a diffuser and use a bounce or 45 degree direct.  If the model is walking too fast and the light is low then i will increase the ISO to 1200 open the aperture to F4 and increase the flash power to +2. When the I am looking for reaction shots from the crowd (which fashion designers love to have ) then I will use a Nikon D4 with a 24-70 mm F2.8 Lens so that you get a fairly wide shot if you need it and I try to avoid flash as much as possible with this Camera.

Guidance. When you are shooting Fashion assignments some of the best tips that I can give is making sure that your Camera and Lenses are set up for the certain images that you are assigned to capture, you dont want to be making massive set up changes to the cameras mid shoot.

Expertise. Take your time when your shooting Fashion Assignments,  look carefully at the room layout and get a great position that you can stay in ensuring that you get the best shots for your client.  Have your cameras all set exposure wise and test everything.. get your assistant or another photographer to walk along the catwalk and test the flash range, then check the exposure curve on your shots and not just the camera screen. Make sure you have plenty of media and battery power, have your lenses and cameras all set up ready for when the shoot starts.

Heres a picture that I took recently to give you an idea of what I like to take on a shoot. it was taken on a Nikon D3, manual setting at iso 1200 F5.6 and a shutter speed of 125th of a second with a Nikon Flash set at 50 degrees at 0. You can see in the background that the purple backlight has been picked out nicely and I have used my position so that light is used and the speed of 125th second brings this through beautifully in the shot.

Fashion Photography Tips Hertfordshire

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Written and Photography by John Paul ODonnell

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