Fashion Photography Prices Hertfordshire

Fashion Photography Prices Hertfordshire

Hi as a professional Fashion Photographer and having covered over 450 assignments all over The UK and Europe over a 24 Year period,  maybe I can give you an idea on Fashion Photography Prices Hertfordshire and what you can expect to pay in your area for the right photographer.

Well most top Fashion photographers charge from £650 per day (8 hours) to shoot plus mileage and other preparation work such as sourcing equipment,  sourcing of props, models and locations these are usually charged at £30 per hour. These rates are a guideline and most Fashion Photographers will work you out an accurate rate.

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Final use of the images be it newspaper, magazine, website will determine how the images are usually prepared. Post production editing is charged at £40 per hour on average… generally one days shoot would take 2 – 3 hours to edit and finalise for publication. If you are an agency then most Fashion photography companies will ask for the client details so that they can give a correct licence for use of the images and also work you out a different price.

Occasionally on  some shoots the client will want the images taken on Film.. Yes even by todays standard. Film gives you a natural grain and classic feel that appeals to very creative Fashion designers and is still very sought after but does come at a premium.

If video work is required it is usually a slightly higher post production hourly rate as there is more time involved so specific rates are usually agreed.

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Fashion photography prices hertfordshire Fashion photography prices hertfordshire Fashion photography prices hertfordshire



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