Wedding Photography Prices Hertfordshire

Wedding Photography Prices Hertfordshire

Hi as a professional wedding and fashion photographer with a career that spans 24 years,  perhaps I can give you some idea of photographer costs and Wedding photography prices and how they vary. And what it may all equate to.
As an investment most serious wedding photographers will spend around £12,000 + on their kit and then another £2500 + on their computer system as well as special software and presentation aids.
Many will undergo paid training before that, giving them a confidence to establish a quality and style of their own. In my opinion it takes 4 years + for a photographer to develop a style. As a general rule most professionals will plan your photography carefully to allow themselves to take some beautiful images. This would encompass many types of photography from Formal, Informal, Contemporary/ Artistic, Humour, Night Shots, Details Etc. And also allow you some time to enjoy your day away from the camera as well.
Many professionals will take between 600 and 800 shots maybe more at times between a 10-12 hour day. Carefully editing each image for sharpness, contrast, hue and exposure can take many painstaking hours to achieve an optimal result before any image is submitted to the client.
After couples select their images for their albums, there is the matter of designing the book, making sure everything is cohesive and exciting before finally submitting the draft to the client for approval.
Magazine albums can vary in price significally depending on size and quality but a ballpark cost figure would be in the region of £150 – £750. Photographers also have to pay tax and national insurance like any other working adult.
Like every commodity prices for a photographer can vary enormously, this is largely dictated by location, ability and flair, the quality of the finished product and their reputation, you would largely pay for what you get like anything in this world!
There are many contrasting abilities and I would strongly advise that people see at least two photographers before making a decision, please don’t become blinded by price alone as you could very well come to severely regret it.
To employ a professional may seem expensive but it is also something of a major investment, in fact the one item that will last for many years after everything has faded from view. People tell me the more the years pass by the more poignant their images become. See this happy couple here.

Thank you and I hope this helps.

John Paul O’Donnell

John Paul ODonnell
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