I am very honoured to be recommended by Hanbury Manor a preferred wedding photographer. I have shot many weddings there over the last 18 years. So how did I become the preferred photographer? I shot a wedding there and noticed that some of there wedding pictures were a little out dated.  So I went in to see them one day as my studio is local, got talking to the wedding team, they liked me, loved my work. So I agreed to put a beautiful storybook album together for them of the 3 most recent weddings id done there. I delivered the book, they loved it and now use it to show their potential couples the best areas and how the venue can look. They had a christmas party coming up and asked if id take the pics, so I took the pictures for them and now I am pleased to be part of the team.

I know the venue back to front, inside out. Infact the image below was taken at a recent wedding.  I shot the wedding last minute because the couple had been let down by their photographer. It turned out when they came to see me at my Cheshunt Studio “in a panic” they told me they printed some of my shots off to show that photographer. This isn’t the first time other photographers have actually used some of my shots. Not long ago I got some of my pictures removed from their website.

Hanbury Manor has recently undergone a refurbishment putting them as a premiere choice for your big day.

From the many images I’ve taken there I feel this one is special its taken in a part that not many people can visualise just how beautiful it can be.

Small Hanbury Manor Covid Wedding Natalie and Callem

Yes! First kiss

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