Jacqueline and Kevins wedding at Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey wedding pic

Jacqueline and Kevins wedding at Waltham Abbey Church and Waltham Abbey Town Hall


Date of Wedding – 10th September 2016

Bride – Jackie

Groom – Kevin

Ceremony – Waltham Abbey Church

Reception – Waltham Abbey Town Hall

Bride given away by – Phillip McEwen

Maid of Honor – Diana Dueberry

Flower girls – Millie Speller & Aniyah Fenton

Bridesmaids –Faye McNichols & Charlene Fenton

Best Man – Craig Robinson

Groomsmen – Paul Rodock and Peter Street

Hairdresser and Make up – BimBim

Minister – Reverend Peter Smith

Honeymoon – Mexico

How we met

I first met Jackie and Kevin when they came over to see me at my office.  They had been recommended by two great customers  of mine Steph and Chas Curtis  I did their wedding pictures almost one year ago.  As soon as I met them I immediately liked them. We got on exceptionally well and they talked about how they met at Caister at the soul weekender. Well to be honest when you see them dance together they certainly have some moves between them.

The Wedding day

I arrived at the couples house to get some shots of Kevin and the boys getting ready. The boys were all waiting to get showered.  Kevin had been rushing about all morning so he had a relaxing shower. I then did a few pictures with his friends whilst they opened the traditional toffee vodka… a traditional drink between Kevin and his friends.

I left the house and headed over to the Marriott Hotel in Waltham abbey to see Jacqueline (the bride).  Jacqueline was about to have her hair and make up done by her close friend Bimbim.. “great lady and brilliant at her job”.  Jacqueline was a little way off being ready so I shot down to the Town Hall and got a couple of pictures. I then dropped back to Kevin before he headed off to the Church.

I got back to the hotel and the bride was just about to get into her dress. All the bridesmaids came in and I got a couple of quick pictures before heading out and grabbing a quick selfie with Bobby Norris from TOWIE.. “we are in Essex”.

I arrived at Waltham Abbey Church,  a church that I have worked at on many occasions (50+ times) and parked the car. Unfortunately the vicar wasn’t as happy as he could be and decided to try to make me move my car whilst the bridal car was 2 minutes away.  I was literally walking into the church” errrrm sorry father I will do so once the wedding starts” …of which I was told that ‘photographers are paid too much money and should plan their parking” .. then told that I could F””k  O”f… obviously he doesn’t know i have a  35/0 boxing record. I bit my tongue and let it go but did think that was very un-christian of him.  I realised afterwards that there was a wedding straight after so he was under a lot of pressure and so was I as it was pouring down and we had to be out of the church.  Never mind father I forgive you and won’t email the Bishop.

Jacqueline then arrived in a Stretch limousine with all her bridesmaids and her son Philip.  Philip was giving his mum away and walked her to the church under his umbrella as the rain was coming down and getting heavier.

The ceremony was beautiful… Waltham Abbey Church really is one of the most beautiful churches that I have attended. After the ceremony the couple stood in the doorway out of the rain before heading over the road to The Town Hall.  Kevin and Jacqueline then stood on the steps of the Town Hall and had some pictures taken. There was a beautiful picture hanging on an easel beside the family of the late Mrs Eliza Fenton Jacqueline’s mum.. “a stunning lady looking at that picture”. The couple then headed in for some rum punch with their guests.

They sat down and the meal was served.. in-between the courses we headed out and took some group shots before getting a well deserved break in the rain and walking back over to the church and getting some more pictures in the beautiful arches and doorways.

We went back in and the couple finished the meal and then the speeches started. Philip started off with a beautiful speech about his mum and spoke with great confidence and love. Kevin then followed and Jacqueline stood up half way through and thanked everyone for their efforts and for being there for her.. she spoke from the heart and even got all the kitchen staff out and presented them with a gift each.  The best man Cliff then finished the speeches off with a beautiful speech from the heart about his best mate and dance partner.  Great guy and decent fisherman too.. “great chatting with you Cliff”.

The couple then started off the evening and cut their wedding cake before getting on the dance floor and starting the dancing off… Jacqueline then danced with her son Phillip and then everyone joined in.  The music was spot on.. great tunes and the whole Hall was up dancing… even I got caught and had to slide across the floor.

I got some great dancing shots and then saw Chas and Stephanie and had a great chat and drink with them… which was lovely as they are now friends and I know their families very well too.

I then said my goodbyes to the couple and left them to enjoy the music and the great party and also their amazing buffet  “The curried goat was AMAZING”.

Heres a few pictures that I have selected from the Day ?

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Jacqueline and Kevins wedding at Waltham Abbey.  Photographed and written © John Paul O’Donnell Photography.

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