jessica and marks wedding at fanhams hall

Sunset Wedding at Fanhams Hall

jessica and marks amazing wedding at fanhams hall

Date – 16th September 2016

Ceremony and Reception – Fanhams Hall

Bride –Jessica Greenhalgh

Groom – Mark Samuel

Maid of Honour – Abby (Brides sister)

Bridesmaids – Maisie, Neve and Amelie

Best Man – Steve Nicholls

Ushers – Josh, Harry, Stuart & Cameron


The Wedding Day

I woke up at the usual 5.30 am but before I got up I could hear the rain hitting the roof of my metal shed outside the window… when I looked out the window it was pouring and really heavy.  I remember thinking “this couple are so lovely.. I really hope this rain stops and gives them a break” so that they get the pictures outside in the beautiful grounds of Fanhams Hall.

I arrived over at Fanhams Hall 30 minutes earlier than my start the weather was really wet and the sky was dark. I set some photographic lights up and put them out of the way in the Long Gallery just incase this rain doesn’t stop and I needed to shoot the whole wedding inside..”something I have done many times before but not recently”.

Mark was in The Long Gallery sorting out the music with his two sons Josh and Harry and best man Steve.  So I did some pictures in there with them.   Mark was nicely relaxed and went up to the bridal suite and made sure his shirt was nicely ironed for his wedding which was in 1hr and 45 minutes time. I then headed over to the brides home to take the pictures of her getting ready.

When I arrived at Jessica’s house she was standing in the lounge with her sister Abby, her mum and all her bridesmaids.  They were all in beautiful silk dressing gowns. Jessica then went out into the conservatory and had her make up done. Her dress was hanging up in the bedroom, so I took the opportunity to get some nice shots up there of the dress.  Jessica and her sister Abby came in and I did some shots of them together. What a great girl Abby is she helped all day to make sure her sister Jessica was looking radiant by touching up the lip gloss and keeping the dress protected from the wet ground.

Jessica’s dad Peter then went outside to the front of the house and removed the parking cones… the next thing the most beautiful horse and carriage arrived … it looked amazing.  The neighbours were all out looking standing under umbrellas keeping dry.  Jessica then came out and got into the carriage with her dad and they started there 45 minute journey to Fanhams Hall.  I shot out quick so that I wasn’t stuck behind it and arrived for the ceremony in great time.

The bride then arrived into the courtyard 25 minutes later (2 racehorses pulled that carriage)… the rain was still coming down but Jessica stayed dry and went in and saw the registrars.  I set up for the Ceremony and it was at this point that Jessica came in and walked down the long aisle of The Long Gallery with her dad… the ceremony was beautiful and was done by Margaret Kotting.. one of Hertfordshires finest.

After the ceremony the guests all gathered in the Library for drinks with the couple.  I took the bride and groom out into the doorway on the back terrace.. the rain was light so I stood out in it shooting some lovely pics whilst the couple sheltered in the doorway. Ten minutes in and the rain stopped “YES!”.. this was the break that we all needed.  I got all the guests out and shot all the pictures with all the family. We even managed to get down to the Japanese Gardens and bridges at the end of the grounds. Then went all round the gardens with Mark holding the back his wife’s beautiful wedding dress so that it didn’t touch the wet ground and puddles that were left from earlier.

We then headed inside and the bride and groom sat for the meal in the Great Hall.  The speeches were brilliant.. all really good and finished with the best man delivering a superb speech to his best mate.

We then headed out to the terrace and shot some nice early evening sunset pictures before the couple went in to see their evening guests. Everyone surrounded the dance floor and Jessica and Mark cut their wedding cake.

The couple then started their first dance and danced beautifully together kissing and holding each other. Then half way through the song –  the beat hit and they danced to a great medley of dance music going through the generations. Greece, blues brothers, mc hammer and then the best bit Gangnam style with Josh and Harry smashing it with their mum and dad.. one of the best things I’ve ever seen at a wedding.

Message to Jessica and Mark

What a fantastic day it was, I loved every minute of it. Have a fantastic honeymoon,  I look forward to seeing you both for the viewing when you get back.  JP

Here is a selection of pictures that I have selected from the day.  JP  :)





















bride and groom sunset at fanhams hall


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