Michelle and Matts wedding at Theobalds Park

Theobalds Park Gardens

Michelle and Matts wedding at United Reform Church and Theobalds Park

Date of Wedding 17th September 2016

Bride – Michelle King (Mimi)

Groom – Matt Wilkes

Ceremony – United Reform Church

Reception – Theobalds Park Mansion House

Maid of honour – Sonia Sessions

Bridesmaids – Hannah and Charlotte

Flower girls – Isla and Lucy

Pageboy – Ben Sessions

Best Men – Ben, Mark, Danny and Ivor

Make up – Debi Parsons


How we met

I first met Mimi at her best friend Sonia’s wedding 12 years ago.  Since that day I have seen Mimi at certain party’s and weddings, she has always said that when she meets Mr Right and gets married she wants me to do her pictures. I saw Mimi on television when she appeared on Ladette to Lady and came second place … everyone knew she should have won.  Shortly after that was on TV I bumped into her on a night out and she was having pictures taken with people, but it was great because I knew her and everyone wanted to see her and talk to her .. it was great being out with a celebrity. The next thing she met Matt and I got a call to say she was getting married.  So we met up had a good chat… I knew that Mimi would be doing things differently to some brides – one of the things was she would be arriving in a Gas Van and that it would be a big west ham theme wedding as Matt is a very keen fan.

The Wedding Day

I arrived at Mimis mums house in Enfield at 10.30 am .. 2 hours before the wedding ceremony. Mimi was in the kitchen having her make up done by Debbie her close friend. Anna (mimi mum) had made plates of food and cups of tea, so I made sure when she offered some food that I eat something as we had a long day ahead. Sonia was arriving and did her usual flat to me when she saw me.. great girl and she made a cracking bride 12 years ago.

Sonia cracked the champagne open and everyone had a glass before Mimi checked her speech and got into her wedding dress.  She looked very elegant “”mind you.. this was a Ladette to Lady finalist”. We did some pictures and I got a text from David at Spotlight weddings who was filming the wedding to say that the parking was very limited at the church and to get here quick.  So I shot off and got there 20 minutes before the wedding ceremony to see Matt arriving in a fabulous black range rover and one of his best men (Danny – or Razor Ruddock) as I called him all day- “great guy”) arriving in his silver one. Mimi then arrived in her British gas van.. something that was very important to her (when she qualified she was one of only two female Gas engineers in the UK).. quite something, and I know all her family and friends are so proud of her for doing it.

The ceremony was really relaxed and fun and being that mimi is a girl guide leader she and a lot of her friends were used to singing and this lot were definitely singers … they lifted the roof of the church.  After the hymns and a beautiful reading by Simone “Mimis sister” the couple signed the register, walked down the aisle and headed outside. All the guests followed out and the girl guides were by the doorway as they came out. Everyone threw the confetti and the couple had a picture taken outside Dominos Pizza (they are regular customers).  We all got into the cars and headed over to Theobald’s Park. Matt and Danny parked the range rovers and we did some great pictures in front of The Mansion House.  All the guests arrived and I took some pictures of the family and friends.

Afterwards I took Mimi and Matt out the back onto the terrace and shot some pictures of them together before the wedding party came out and joined them.  The couple then went in and saw the room all set up for the meal. All the tables had hand knitted West Ham players on which one of Mimi’s friends had made.. it took her a year to make them all “Amazing work” and a good singer too.

Just before the meal Anna the mother of the bride did an amazing speech welcoming everybody and saying how proud she is of Mimi and everything she has accomplished including ladette to lady which everyone thought she should have won including me. The meal was then served and after the meal the speeches started.. The brides dad, Matt and then the 3 best men .. they certainly went to town on Matt but finished with a beautiful part saying what a great guy he is and what a great mate he is to them.

John Session set up his mic and got ready to start the singing and then Mimi and Matt came in to cut their wedding cake.  The room was full up no one else could squeeze in there… then Mimi and Matt took their places for the first dance.  John then sang a brilliant 45 minute set and the room was electric… everyone was up and they didn’t want him to stop.  I got some great shots of the evenings dancing and put my cameras away before having a quick drink with John and some other people that I know there who’s are guests at wedding I am photographing shortly.

Heres a few pictures that I have selected from the Day ?

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