Fallon and Davids November Wedding

November wedding pic

Fallon and Davids November Wedding


It was Friday morning and I was getting my cameras all ready to go and take the photos for a local couple who I have known a few years through mutual friends.

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I got to the house in Cheshunt  to see Fallon (the bride).. when i got there David the bridegroom was getting dressed “slightly breaking tradition” this is Nov 2014 i suppose  and not everyone believes in bad luck….or cares to be honest.

When David left the house to go to see his family people started arriving and Fallon was taking it all in well.. she didn’t seem nervous.  She was doing her own make up and very relaxed and chatting to me..


Fallon is naturally a very beautiful woman and when she was in her dress she looked Fabulous her brother and mum were so proud of how beautiful she looked.. she borrowed her shoes and had a blue Garter on””tradition was there”).



Taome the brides daughter 3.5 yrs old was really enjoying being mummy’s flower girl and she sat on the stairs and posed like a little princess for me.. such a little cutie….this was after she jumped up and down on the bed ..ordering me to take pictures of her.



When i arrived at Bishops College for the Ceremony the room was surprisingly full.. David was there and he thought that it was just going to be about 12 people but there was over 40.. just shows you how many friends and family they have and how popular and loved they both are.

Fallon was given away by her brother ..he was very proud and ..I can only imagine how that felt for him giving her away to such a lovely guy and joining his another lovely Irish family.


After the ceremony They came out onto the steps at Bishops College and everyone was cheering at them .. office staff were coming out to see them they looked so happy.



We all walked down into the park and grounds it was absolutely freezing but there was a beautiful golden light coming off of a low November sun across the stream and the trees.. i took the couple straight over they looked perfect.. we had a lot of fun and something i said started David laughing Fallon couldn’t stop ..it was an amazing moment and I was nearly crying with laughter at the fact they were laughing so so much.


We left the Park and went and joined the rest of the guests locally for the Reception for drinks and food.  It really was a wedding that i will never forget.. it was freezing cold but there really is something about weddings in November and for someone whose photographed over 2000 weddings i can tell you it is challenging particularly because people are cold but the challenges are what makes my job as a pro photographer the job it is.

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”.. true words and words that i live by.

John Paul ODonnell.

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