Rebecca and Myles

Bride at home pre wedding

Rebecca and Myles

It was Saturday 8th November and I was driving on my way to Chingford to arrive at the Brides house. When i rang the door a very beautiful Rebecca opened it in her Onesie, she had just had her hair and make up finished.


I walked inside and was introduced to Danielle the Brides sister and Kirsty the Bridegrooms sister.. they walked over to their dresses and had a few photos done. The girls then went and got Rebecca’s dress and hung it up so Rebecca could have some pictures done with it.. she looked amazing.. the atmosphere was very relaxed and the brides mum Lindi was chatting to me whilst i was taking pictures and capturing the moment.. “these are the parts that Myles wasn’t able to see apart …from in the photographs afterwards”.

I went outside so that when Rebecca could get into her dress and when I came in the light from the window was like a spotlight and really made her stand out.. she looked amazing.

Shortly after this I left the house to get over to St Stephens Church in Enfield  for the Ceremony, when i got there Anthony (spotlight weddings) my very good friend was there filming the wedding and he had saved me a car parking space..”when you work with the best people we do these type of things for eachother”.

I looked over and saw Myles with his cousin / best man Jordan, they were with the rest of the boys walking up to the church.. Myles was very relaxed and excited about the Ceremony. I told him Rebecca looked amazing and it all went really well at the house.

Myles and all the guests then went into the church and then The most beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom V1 rolled up to the church inside was Rebecca and her very proud dad Julian.  Peter the chauffeur helped Rebecca out the car .. what a great chauffeur he is and lovely man as is his colleague Edward (ex minder to David Sullivan) and thoroughly lovely guy. Rebecca stood with her dad at the entrance at the church before making her way in .. its not often enough really that i attend church weddings the majority these days are civil ceremonies but this was Fabulous and such a pretty but also grand church to get married in.

After the ceremony Rebecca and Myles signed the certificates and walked down the isle to be met with a lady who a member of the family had paid to provide two white doves for the couple to release together.. the weather was wet by this stage and i had to make a decision regarding the Photos .. I looked up at the sky and could see there was a slight break in the clouds and that shortly I would get an opportunity to take some photos outside, so the chauffeurs (Peter and Edward) got some umbrellas out and kept some of the guests dry .. the clouds parted, the sun broke through and we started the pictures.

We headed over to the front gate at the church and all the guests gathered to throw the confetti.  We then did a few photographs there before heading off to Theobalds park.  Myles and Rebecca had booked the Ridings Barn which is slightly past the Mansion House .. I arrived ten minutes in front of the main cars with Anthony Video and realised that the other wedding (Mansion House) was sat down at their wedding breakfast and that if you don’t know what your doing the backdrop to that couples meal would be our wedding cars and photos being taken.. Theobalds do not allow this so I waved the 2nd car past (bridesmaids) to go to the Ridings and kept The Rolls Royce back.. I got Peter to position the car in such a way and in such a position so as to not be seen by another wedding and at the same time ensuring beautiful pictures of the mansion House as a backdrop. We did some beautiful Classical photographs then headed down to the Ridings Barn.

The Light was dropping really fast, it was  now 4.45 pm.. I spoke to Pawel (who was running the wedding at Theobalds Park) and is the food and Beverage manager that i wanted a picture of the Complete wedding, he announced to all the guests who were now seated inside the Barn that we were going to take a big picture of the whole wedding party and we did.. I stood on high wall and took the picture of all the guests together.  The guests went back to their seats to be ready to receive the Couple who went in and the speeches started.. Jordan the best man delivered a perfect speech from the heart.. I immediately felt the bond he had with Myles as his cousin and the family bond that was there in plain sight.

Anthony and I went and said to the couple we will go and have something to eat as nothing more was to happen for some time. We went and had a lovely meal in the main house and chatted about things laughing whilst watching part of the rugby.. we headed back over to The Ridings Barn and the deserts were being cleared and the room shortly prepared for the evenings dancing.

Rebecca and Myles had a beautiful first dance.. the guests  surrounded them on the Dancefloor it really was a lovely moment.. but for me as a dad ..when the second dance came on (father and daughter) Julian danced with his beautiful daughter and they smiled looking at each other all the way through.. anyone who has a daughter will know what a beautiful moment that really is.

Saturday was an amazing wedding with two beautiful people. As a pro photographer weddings are challenging and with the weather, time and locations available its not easy but we get on and do what has to be done to get the best pictures and give the best coverage possible to our couples.  It helps when you are working with great people and we all work together as a team.. Anthony Video, Peter & Edward Cars, Maxine Room Decor and Pawel Theobalds park… together Rebecca & Myles got their dream wedding day fulfilled.

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