A Wedding tribute to Dad

Classical wedding photography

A Wedding tribute to Dad

Why wait for Fathers Day to honour all the special men in our lives?  Over the years “John Paul O’Donnell” “photography” has captured some amazing and touching moments between the bride and her father and we couldn’t help but share them with our brides-to-be in this “tribute”.

Before the world of boyfriends and weddings, “Dad” was the only man in your life.  Your big day is going to be filled with many heartfelt moments that you will always cherish and then be put into “the Storybook” as a memory.

We also recognise that not everyone is able to have their dad walk them down the aisle or be part of their wedding, and so we pay tribute to all the great memories you have experienced with the ones you love and wish you many more. www.johnpaulodonnell.co.uk

All Photographs are Copyright of John Paul ODonnell Photography and are not to be copied in any way whatsoever you cannot use these images or copy them for any means unless permission has been granted in writing by John Paul ODonnell.

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