Wedding At Theobalds Park Hertfordshire

Theobalds Park Wedding Terrace - John Paul ODonnell

Wedding At Theobalds Park Hertfordshire

Couple | Sarah Everett & Paul Monk

Wedding Date | 15.11.2014

Ceremony Location | St Paul’s Church, Hoddesdon. Hertfordshire

Reception Location | Theobalds Park, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire

Hair  | Albina Colella

Make-Up | Jenni Defalco

Dress | The Dress Room

Florist | Secret Garden

DJ & MC | Party Events Unlimited

Dancefloor and Lighting | Strictly Dancefloors

Wedding Photographer | John Paul ODonnell Photography

This is a Wedding At Theobalds Park Hertfordshire that I photographed

The initial meeting.

There is a beautiful story to tell when it comes to this wedding and it actually started 13 Months ago when I was helping Steve a friend and colleague put a LED Dancefloor down at Theobalds Park on a Saturday in October last year.  A couple were being shown round the venue by the Wedding team.  I naturally got chatting to them and we hit it off straight away. Shortly after this I was at the Wedding open evening but this time rather than being in a pair of jeans and wearing heavy gloves i was at my stand surrounded by pictures of the venue in a nice fitted suit. Paul and Sarah came along with family to meet me and also Strictly Dancefloors and we did a deal and booked them in on the night.

The Wedding Day itself.

I had been keeping an eye on the weather all week and I was hoping for a dry bright day.. someone was looking down on the Bride & Groom that day because the light and the weather was perfect. I arrived to see Paul at his Parents house the atmosphere was very relaxed, the Boys were all putting their cufflinks in that the couple had got them as thank-you gifts.  I didn’t spend lots of time at the house as they were getting ready and i was just there to document that part of the story.

I drove about ten minutes and arrived at the Brides home and John the Brides dad opened the door .. i walked in and saw Sarah the Bride.. she was standing reading her card from Paul and opening his present she looked amazing, i saw Albina & Jenni the hair and make up ladies and two people who i have worked with before, they continued to get the bridesmaids ready so I went up to see the dress hanging up and meet some more family.. the dress is one of the nicest that I have ever photographed and when Sarah got in it and was being laced up she couldn’t have picked better… “she looked fabulous”.

The Car arrived and time was ticking on so I said my goodbyes and left the house to arrive at St Paul’s Church with about 20 minutes to spare until the Ceremony.  Paul was walking up to the church with his Brother and ushers and the guests were all getting off a 1960’s Routemaster London Bus (great for the Photos).  I took some photos and then the Guests all went inside.  The bride then arrived and walked down the Long aisle up to the Altar.. the bride and her dad were smiling and really enjoying the moment (that moment that all dads think about one day giving their daughter away).

Paul was smiling and very happy.. the church was absolutely full to the rim.  Family had come over from Singapore to see the couple get married.  after the Ceremony the couple laid on Cakes, tea and Champagne at the Church for guests to have before boarding the bus back to Theobalds Park for the Wedding reception. Whilst the guests did this we took some pictures in the Town and then the Confetti was thrown before all heading off to Theobalds Park.

On arrival at The Mansion House we did some beautiful pictures and walked round the Italian Gardens.. the rain started spitting but Sarah and Paul were fantastic sports and stayed out to get the pictures done. In the meantime the guests arrived got a glass of Bubbly and did some pictures with the couple outside the Front of the Mansion House.  Barney Grossman was there to get all the guests organised and in for the next part of the Proceedings which was a Japanese Tea Ceremony.. the Bride and Groom changed into Traditional Chinese outfits and in a traditional Chinese Ceremony they poured Tea to the elders.

The Couple sat down and had a fantastic meal, they had some fantastic speeches but the one that stood out other than the Brides dads was the Best man Adam.. the Grooms younger brother and great guy, He delivered a speech that was one of the best i have ever seen or heard.

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The evening’s entertainment was absolutely first class, the beautiful thing with Theobalds park in The Mansion House is that the entertainment is in a different room to the Wedding breakfast so straight after the meal Barney got all the guests into the room and got them to surround the Dancefloor and then announced Sarah & Paul in. The guests then parted and made so much noise that the couple walked in through the middle and onto the Dancefloor, the music started and with that the Dancefloor lit up and Sarah & Paul danced for the first time as the New Mr & Mrs Monk in a fabulous first dance.  I did a few Drunken dancing shots and then finished with some pictures of them both at the front of the house.

This was a fantastic Wedding.

Heres a selection of some of my favourite pictures.

Bridegroom Early
Boys Getting Ready
Bride Opening Card And Present
Bride Opening Card And Present
Bride And Dress
Bride And Hair
Finishing Touches
All The Girls
On With The Dress
Stunner !
Groomsmen Arrive At St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
Arrival of Bridegroom & Groomsmen
Routemaster Bus St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
Waiting St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
Waiting For The Bride
Ready To Go Into The Church
Ready To Go Into The Church
St Pauls Church Hoddesdon Bride and Dad
Father And Daughter
St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
Happy Couple
Wedding At St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
Coming Down The Aisle
Wedding at St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
Wedding Party Confetti at St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
Refreshments For The Guests
Confetti at St Pauls Church
Confetti at St Pauls Church Hoddesdon
Hoddesdon Town
Hoddesdon Clocktower
Hoddesdon Clocktower
Hoddesdon Clocktower
Hoddesdon Clocktower
Theobalds Park Wedding
Arrival At Theobalds Park
Theobalds Park Wedding
Casual Bride & Groom
Wedding Cars Arrive Theobalds Park
Theobalds park Mansion House
Theobalds Park
Fun Theobalds Park
Theobalds Park
Wedding Car Theobalds Park
Theobalds Park
Bride & Bridegroom Fun
Bride & Groom Theobalds park
Theobalds Park Italian Gardens
Theobalds Park Italian Gardens
Theobalds Park
Theobalds Park Italian Gardens Gazebo
Theobalds Park Terrace
Theobalds Park Mansion House Terrace
Theobalds Park Bride
Routemaster Bus & Bride
Theobalds Park
Theobalds Park Routemaster Bus & Wedding Cars
Everybody in
Theobalds Park Everybody
Groom & Best Man
Groom & Best man
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Bride & Bridegroom Japanese Tea Ceremony
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Bride & Bridegroom Japanese Tea Ceremony Serving The Elders
Entrance Bride & Groom
Entrance for The Wedding Breakfast
During The Meal Natural Photos
Best Mans Speech
First Dance
First Dance
Barney Grossman DJ
DJ Barney
Night Shot
Theobalds Park Mansion House Night Shot

Thanks JP

Written and Photography by  John Paul ODonnell

All Photographs are © of John Paul ODonnell Photography and are not to be copied in any way whatsoever. You cannot use these images or copy them for any means unless permission has been granted in writing by John Paul ODonnell.

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