Kirsty and Bens Hertfordshire Wedding

Title – Kirsty and Bens Hertfordshire Wedding

Date of Wedding – 13th July 2019.

Bride – Kirsty Hayden.

Groom – Benjamin Lewington.

Pageboys – Were Kirsty and Bens 3 beautiful boys George, Tyler and Harrison.

Bridesmaids – Chloe and Gemma.

Flower Girl – Matilda.

Best Man – Lance.

When you are asked to do a friends wedding its always a no brainer. I wouldn’t want someone doing it and not doing a good enough job. Well I’ve known Kirsty many years now from her time with SPJ as a DJ and a big part of the dream team.  When we work together we always have a lot of fun but inside we are all top of the game and know what we are doing and do it well. 

On the day I arrived at Ben and Kirsty’s house to start the photos with a few shots of Ben and the 3 boys getting ready. We had such a laugh, it was all very relaxed and the boys were great little lads. Tyler’s Godfather was there and so was Lance the best man. 

I arrived at Hanbury Manor to see Kirsty. She was having her make up done. It was so lovely to see her as a bride. Working along side each other all these years it was now her day and her wedding. She absolutely smashed all the shots with me. I couldn’t of had a more photogenic bride and her mum Brenda wasn’t bad at posing either 🙂

After all the shots were done I finished with a few pics with her dad Mark, “great guy and interesting man to chat with”. 

We took a slight detour from Hanbury Manor and went to the venue before the church. Kirsty wanted to see all her colleagues from SPJ and the venue team. I then arrived at the church and got set up for the ceremony.  The vicar was a lovely man and said I was ok to stand at the front “Brilliant news for any photographer” just don’t take advantage of the situation!.

The ceremony was lovely and it finished with Amazing Grace before Kirsty and Ben walked down the aisle and led their guests outside. Ben went to his dads grave and laid a bouquet. A very private moment thats not in this blog. I made use of the church entrances and shot quite a few pictures here as the light was lovely and its was perfect conditions with a bit of cloud cover blocking the sun.

We then all arrived at the venue and I shot a lot of fun shots and reportage pictures capturing the moment. The canapés kept coming out PJ and his team were working hard in the background to make Kirsty’s day perfect. PJ then came out and announced the speeches. They were all brilliant particularly the part when Kirsty’s dad gave Ben a blow up doll and the kids thought it was a toy balloon…kicking it round the garden.

After the speeches the food was served, which was absolutely fantastic. The first dance then took place and I finished the pictures with some early evening low sun sots which came out lovely. I then put the cameras away and a drink with everyone.

Kirsty and Ben, thank you for choosing me to be part of your day. Your family and friends were all great people, the banger lot “Top Notch”. I really did enjoy being there and witnessing the paper aeroplanes etc. And Kirsty you looked absolutely beautiful in your dress. See you at the next wedding probably the weekend but this time you will be back in your SPJ gear and not that beautiful dress.

JP x


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Supporting Team

Photographer – John Paul from John Paul ODonnell Photography

Catering, MC and Decor – PJ and all the team SPJ UK LTD

DJ – The one and only Ross Mac

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