Rebecca and Ricardos wedding at Mayflower Place Hertford

Title – Rebecca and Ricardos wedding at Mayflower Place Hertford. Wedding was at St Michaels Church Waterford and then Mayflower Place Hertingfordbury Hertfordsire.

Date of Wedding – 20th July 2019.

Bride – Rebecca Tarsey.

Groom – Ricardo Gomez.

Church – St Michaels Church Waterford.

Reception – Mayflower Place Hertingfordbury Hertfordsire.

Conducted by – Rev Jenny Gray.


How we met.

I first met Rebecca and Ricardo when they were at her brother Andrews wedding 5 years ago. We got really well that day and I took some nice shots of Rebecca with everyone. In the time since the wedding we’ve kept in touch.  When I got the call on the 2/12/17 that they were getting married I was so pleased and got them booked in straight away.

The Big Day.

I woke up, it was pouring down; but I knew that it would brighten up just after the ceremony. Just as the forecast said it did exactly that and it was sunshine all day and evening. I headed over to Tewin to do a few pictures of Ricardo getting ready with Joseph and the ushers. After a few shots and getting licked to death by the family dog I shot off to get over to Dave and Julies house opposite the church.

It was still hammering down with rain. This didn’t stop Rebeccas beautiful smile one bit though, when I got there she was smiling from ear to ear. She was really relaxed and taking everything in. The house literally was in the church grounds, when I shot pictures in the garden it took a bit of getting used to. It was lovely to see Dave and Julie again too, lovely couple and they have a lovely home. 

The ceremony was almost here. Dave always said to Becky he’d push her to church in a wheelbarrow.  This was something id been looking forward to seeing for quite some time. Dave got the Wheelbarrow out and pushed his daughter to problem for the Ex Royal Marine! What a great moment captured and seeing her brothers Andrew and Mark was great too.The Violinist was a lovely touch, pure quality and captured the moment beautifully.

The wedding day was captured in an unobtrusive, documentary style. I like the bride and groom and their wedding guest to have fun in the shots and love capturing those natural ones. Particularly Rebeccas mums side of the family “They are certainly a lively bunch that lot” all the memories came flooding back haha.

I was there  to document everything in a natural way and with a bit of guiding during the formal group photos got all the shots taken. The bride and groom shots went really well,  I used the tree-line and high grass to shoot those lovely shots against the light without letting the sunlight in.

The double decker bus was brilliant and after a shot of Chloe and Joseph at the front took a shot of Rebecca and Ricardo on the top deck kissing. This was just like they were on there way home from school. This brings me on to a beautiful story the reverend Jenny Gray talked about. Which involved the bride and grooms first kiss on the swings in the park  “a picture that just had to be done on the day”.

After the speeches everyone took there drinks and went outside. This was a great time for everyone to chill. We did some crazy shots like the can-can and 50 guys sitting on the ground like they were in the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.  There were garden games for everyone and Rebecca showed off her Bow and Arrow skills – She’s auditioning for hunger games 2020.

All in all what day!  It was great being there, it was great seeing everyone again and it was lovely to capture it. Thank you to Ricardo and Rebecca and Mayflower Place for looking after me so well. 

I look forward to seeing you both soon for the viewing.  JP x

IMPORTANT *   These Images are low resolution. Anyone wishing to use them for social media purposes please make sure that the Logo is seen and that credit is given to John Paul O’Donnell Photography.


Supporting Team

Photographer – John Paul from John Paul ODonnell Photography

Filmed by – David from Spotlight Weddings

DJ, MC and Decor –  SPJ UK LTD

Violinist – Rachel Somerset.

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