Kirsty and Dans Wedding at Essendon Country Club

Wedding night at essendon country club

Kirsty and Dans Amazing Wedding at Essendon Country Club


Date 3rd September 2016

Bride – Kirsty Paget

Groom – Dan Cowell

Ceremony and Reception – Essendon Country Club

Bridesmaids – Laura, Donna and Brooke

Pageboys – Louis and Shay

Best Man – Dave

Groomsmen – Mark and Greg

Photographer – John Paul ODonnell 

DJ – Howard Neil

Selfie Mirror – Mirror Image Events


Kirsty and Dans Wedding at Essendon Country Club. The day started with me arriving at Kirsty’s parents house at 12.30. Albina was busy getting everyone’s hair done and the make up was being done as well.  The procescco was flowing and the girls were all really chilled and relaxed. Kirsty was laughing and was really happy , so I took some nice natural pictures of this part of the morning. The dresses were all hanging up and the girls had a few pictures done before they all got into their dresses. I took a nice black and white shot of Kirsty with her sister and sister in law on the landing as the bedrooms were all being used by people getting ready… this was great though as the natural light was pouring in through the windows. I used the word pouring because it was wet outside but I had a good feeling that it was going to brighten up and it did.

The brides mum Tracy came out from the bedroom in a stunning dress so I made sure that I got a picture with her too just before the Bride got into her dress… it went on and looked lovely…”perfect choice”.   Albina put the veil in and then Kirsty came down the stairs and saw everyone.. the 2 family dogs came over and joined in a final picture before I headed off to Essendon Country Club to see Dan.

When I arrived at Essendon Country Club  the time was getting close to Kirsty and everyone arriving,  I didn’t want to run the risk of Dan being outside and Kirsty arriving at the same time.. call me superstitious (but I don’t put shoes on tables, walk under ladders or cross on the stairs).  So I got some pictures of Dan and his family etc up in the Barn where the Ceremony was taking place in 10 minutes time.

I went down and saw Kirsty .. she had just done the formalities with the registrar, I took a few pics of everyone then headed up to get in position for the civil ceremony.  The bridesmaids all made their way in and at this point Kirsty and her dad Kevin got to the top of the staircase.. paused and then made their way down the aisle, Kirsty cried whilst walking in but as soon as she saw Dan she smiled and the tears stopped… (these two are extremely well suited).

After the ceremony the Bride and Groom went outside with all the guests and we did some pictures with everyone, I then took the group shots. After the drinks reception and family pictures Jo Newell “Essendon Country Clubs wedding organiser” had arranged for us to go out on two golf buggy’s and use them as we liked at the venue. So we headed to The New Course a 6 minute drive in the buggy’s and used some of the lakes, long grass and bridges for the shots of the couple.  We headed back in to the front of the house and The Bride and Groom made their entrance into the Barn to a massive round of applause from everyone.

After the meal the speeches took place and everyone was brilliant but Dan.. was a natural and spoke with great confidence and was very articulate.  A very close friend of Dans was the unofficial toastmaster and had a great voice on him… he invited everyone to leave the tables and that their coffee was being served up above the staircase.  I then took this opportunity to get Kirsty and Dan out on their own for ten minutes and shot some off camera flash pictures across the lake.  I then did a huge group shot of everyone on the staircase before the bride and some of her girls did a tray of Jaeger Bombs.

The evening guests had all arrived and the couple walked up the staircase and cut their wedding cake before walking down to the dance floor and having their first dance together as Mr and Mrs Cowell (no relation to Simon “”sorry Dan knicked that from your wedding speech””.) They danced to Ed Sheeran “Thinking out loud”.

Then what followed was quite simply some of the best drunken dancing I have ever seen from a Wedding Party.. the dance floor was rammed and their was some great dancers in there.

I then said my goodbyes and left the couple to enjoy the rest of their night.

Kirsty and Dan.  I would like to say Thank You for picking me to be your photographer.  I know a lot of people who were at your wedding and you are a very popular couple. Looking out at all your family and friends –  there was so much love for you guys.  I consider myself very fortunate to do the job I do.

Have a fantastic honeymoon and I look forward to seeing you when you get back for the viewing. Warmest Regards.  JP


Heres a few pictures that I have selected from the Day 🙂

These Images are low resolution. Anyone wishing to use them for social media purposes please make sure that the Logo is seen and that credit is given to John Paul ODonnell Photography. 



Kirsty and Dan 2

Kirsty and Dan 1

Kirsty and Dan 3

Kirsty and Dan 4

Kirsty and Dan 5

Kirsty and Dan 6

Kirsty and Dan 7

Kirsty and Dan 8

Kirsty and Dan 10

Kirsty and Dan 9

Kirsty and Dan 11

Kirsty and Dan 12

Kirsty and Dan

Kirsty and Dan 13

Kirsty and Dan 15

Kirsty and Dan 14

Kirsty and Dan 16

Kirsty and Dan 16


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