Kat and Ross Hertfordshire Marquee Wedding

All Saints Church wedding

Kat and Ross Wedding Hertford

Date – 27th August 2016

Ceremony and Reception – All Saints Church, Cople, Bedford – Marquee at Highfield Farm, Hertford

Bride – Kat Moore

Groom – Ross McNaughton

Marquee, catering and entertainment – SPJ

Photographed by Marisa and David from John Paul Donnell Photography


The Wedding day.

A fantastic start to the day at the Bride’s mothers house, with all of the bridesmaids getting ready. There were two camera people on this wedding, Marisa was the lead with myself David as secondary. This meant I could get some different angles of the day and the bride loved my portrait lens, which she said had an amazing filter.

As the girls got ready other family members arrived, mainly those from Scotland, who looked resplendent in traditional Kilts. As the time neared, the transport arrived in the form of Monty the Shire Horse who was pulling a cart, complete with hay bails as seats.

Off we went to All Saints church in Cople for the ceremony, to meet up with the handsome groom Ross who Marisa was already photographing.

All Saints Church is a Grade 1 listed building and was built in 1087 by the De Beauchamp family. Kat our bride looked radiant throughout the service and her smile never left her face. After signing the register the only downside of the day happened, which was that it rained just as we left the church. We were hoping to get the group shots done there, but that’s August for you, it’s never as straight forward as you think. Not put off Marisa and myself got what we could including some lovely shots of the Bride and Groom inside the church.

As soon as the rain cleared the entire wedding travelled over to the reception held in a huge Marquee at Highfield Farm in Hertford. Drinks and canapes were waiting for the guests as they arrived. Marisa and myself took this chance to get some more couple photos, the advantage of two photographers were we could both approach the photos from different angles and using different lenses which offers a variety of looks. So Marisa went wide angle for the full length shots and I went zoom for some close up head shots, while blurring out the background for some striking imagery. With two of us on the case, we could really mix it up.

After documenting the room we got the family outside and got the group shots completed while the weather was holding. Again Marisa was the lead on this, but I went from the side with my long lens to get those natural in between moments of laughter.

Once complete, we moved the entire guests inside the marquee for the group shot, where I took over. We used a mast, which is essentially a 24 foot selfie stick. I gathered the guests around the centre bar and brought the bride and groom to the front along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen and boom! Something different and more importantly everyone is looking at the camera and no one is hidden behind a big hat.

After the excellent meal which we tucked into (a home made steak and ale pie), came the speeches. This wedding’s speakers consisted of the best man, groom, a close family member on the bride’s side, who also gave Kat away at the church, but we started off by hearing from the Bride’s mother. She brought the house down telling the guests all about the hen do, of which there were two of them! After Ross had given his speech, the highlight of the speakers, the best man took the microphone and delivered one of the funniest and heart felt speeches I’ve seen at a wedding.

After a few more photos of the couple in silhouette and some excellent running and jumping shots of the bridal party, we cracked on with the first dance. Marisa set up her off camera flashes and went for the close up shots and I went with an extreme wide angle lens to ensure I captured the couple and their guests. SPJ added some smoke to the occasion which really set off their lighted dance floor which gave a lovely glow to the bride’s dress as she glided across the floor.

After a few more photos of people dancing, it was time to leave the new Mr and Mrs McNaughton to enjoy the rest of their evening.

Many congratulations and here’s a few highlights of the day.


 Kat and ross 2

Kat and ross 1

Kat and ross 3

Kat and ross 4

Kat and ross 5

Kat and ross 6

Kat and ross 7

Kat and ross 8

Kat and ross 10

Kat and ross 11

Kat and ross 13

Kat and ross 12

Kat and ross 14

Kat and ross 15

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Photography and written © John Paul O’Donnell Photography.

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