Live Engagement Shoot Wedding Photos Hertfordshire

Live Engagement Shoot Wedding Photos Hertfordshire

Live Engagement Shoot Hertfordshire Wedding Photos

This year the one thing I want to photograph more than anything, is a live real Engagement shoot. Yes you’ve heard it here first. Is anyone planning to propose and wants the event photographed? I will capture the moment perfectly, the reaction and the atmosphere.

So if you are planning to propose and just happen to read this blog, then get in touch and we can sort it out and get the event booked in.

Live Engagement Shoot Wedding Photos Hertfordshire

If you proposed at a great location then I would really like to hear from you

I bet there are a lot of guys out there who are planning to propose but are thinking where and when.

Over the years and with over 2000 weddings and 450 fashion assignments under my belt, I have heard some great stories of proposals. Ive heard all kinds of stories about it, they usually come out during the grooms speech on his wedding day.  I have heard about proposals in the pizza shop after a night out and many more. The one that really comes to mind is a client who proposed at The Eiffel tower in the Parc du Champ de Mars gardens and he did it at the perfect time that bells rang out from the local church. Now thats impressive!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog on Live Engagement Shoot Wedding Photos Hertfordshire. I have lots of different posts on my blog, why not check it out.


Written by John Paul O’Donnell



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