Hertfordshire Wedding Photo Selfie

Hertfordshire Wedding Photo Selfie 2

Best Wedding Selfie Photo Ever Hertfordshire

Everyone Loves a Selfie

Hertfordshire Wedding Photo Selfie 2

Hertfordshire Wedding Photo Selfie

Everyone loves a Selfie, It really has become a big craze all over the world.  When I was on Holiday last year in Dubai on a short break between weddings, I saw Arabs walking through shopping malls with Selfie Sticks taking pictures. Up to this point we had never even seen a Selfie Stick, My daughter of 13 wanted one so we bought one home to the UK with us and everyone who saw it was then on Amazon trying to purchase one.

This Shot

Whats great about this shot is all 11 Bridesmaids were told to take a picture of the bride from the same position. They then each displayed their photo to the Camera and the shot was taken and the high viewpoint creates beautiful composition.

Lots more Selfies will be going up on our website soon so keep looking.

I always try to think of current and fun things to blog about, I hope you have enjoyed this little blog. Why not check out my blog on  7 questions to ask your Wedding Photographer ?


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