Louise and Pauls Wedding

Hanbury Manor Wedding (22)

Louise and Paul’s Wedding 6th May 2016

Bride – Louise Quinn

Groom – Paul Watts

Bridesmaids – Brides Sisters …Jodie and Zoe

Pageboy – Quinn ..Brides Nephew

Brides Parents – Karen and Michael

Grooms Parents – Vivienne and Edward


Romantic, modern, classy. Just a few words that come to mind when I think of Louise and Paul’s beautiful Wedding. The Church is my most local church and is so picturesque, the reception is one of my absolute favourite Hotels to shoot at. Combine this with the best weather we have had so far this year, a Bride and Groom who love the camera and love photos.. It’s a win win win in every way. Louise and Paul are fun, down to earth and have wonderful style and taste. Everything about this day was so dreamy from the Stunning venue and the close detail paid not in only making the day perfect but in making sure that time was available and that their guests were well looked after.

How we met, well Louise and Paul had 3 things go wrong just before the day.. (1) The Vicar was in Hospital so they had a stand in from a different church (2) Pauls tailored Hugo Boss suit had a hole in the jacket and  needed to be changed and adjusted (3) lastly the Photographer originally booked had to go in to hospital for an emergency operation.  The photographer emailed me just before going in asking for help and was I free… Yes I will help and Yes I am Free …so,  subsequently Louise popped over to see me and we got on so well..so I booked her in and everything was now ok and I took the wedding on last minute.

The Families and friends are fantastic, brides sisters and best hairdressers in Ware Jodie and Zoe, brides mum and dad “lovely people” Grooms parents “friendly and fun” and not forgetting Pauls best man and his close mates – Banksy and all the rest of them.. my sort of people 100%.

Louise and Paul I know that it was fate after everything that I was your photographer, sometimes things happen for a reason and I do really believe that this was the case for your wedding. Here is a selection of Images that I have selected to showcase the day.

Hanbury Manor Wedding
Brides Shoes, Garter and Hand Made Bag
Hanbury Manor Wedding (1)
The Stunning Bride
Hanbury Manor Wedding (2)
Just before dad gives her hand in marriage
Hanbury Manor Wedding (3)
Looking at The Order of Service
Hanbury Manor Wedding (4)
Quick picture during the Hymms
Hanbury Manor Wedding (5)
Confetti shot against the Sun
Hanbury Manor Wedding (6)
Dads Black Cab
Hanbury Manor Wedding (7)
Bride and Groom Fun
Hanbury Manor Wedding (8)
Bride and Groom Cheers
Hanbury Manor Wedding (9)
Natural Black and White
Hanbury Manor Wedding (10)
Groom and the boys
Hanbury Manor Wedding (11)
Bride and her sisters showing the guys how its done
Hanbury Manor Wedding (12)
Hanbury Manor Reception Area
Hanbury Manor Wedding (13)
Hanbury Manor Staircase
Hanbury Manor Wedding (14)
Hanbury Manor Window
Hanbury Manor Wedding (15)
Hanbury Manor Bride by The Window
Hanbury Manor Wedding (16)
Kissing on the Staircase
Hanbury Manor Wedding (17)
On the Balcony of the Main Lounge
Hanbury Manor Wedding (18)
Classical picture In The Lounge
Hanbury Manor Wedding (19)
Classical picture looking at each other
Hanbury Manor Wedding (20)
Hanbury Manor Bride in The Lounge
Hanbury Manor Wedding (21)
Off for a drive in the buggy
Hanbury Manor Wedding (22)
Hanbury Manor Garden Court Wall
Hanbury Manor Wedding (23)
Hanbury Manor Across The Lake
Hanbury Manor Wedding (24)
Hanbury Manor Poles Hall
Hanbury Manor Wedding (25)
Making their entrance into Poles Hall
Hanbury Manor Wedding (26)
Brides sisters and pageboy
Hanbury Manor Wedding (27)
Dad doing his Speech to his daughter
Hanbury Manor Wedding (28)
Groom doing his speech
Hanbury Manor Wedding (29)
Groom at the top table looking sharp
Hanbury Manor Wedding (30)
The Best Man
Hanbury Manor Wedding (31)
Hanbury Manor Courtyard
Hanbury Manor Wedding (32)
Outside the Mansion
Hanbury Manor Wedding (33)
The Mansion House
Hanbury Manor Wedding (34)
Hanbury Manor Garden Court Wall and Sunset
Hanbury Manor Wedding (35)
Cake Cutting
Hanbury Manor Wedding (37)
Dad and Daughter “I loved her First”
Hanbury Manor Wedding (38)
The Bride and Groom First Dance
Hanbury Manor Wedding (39)
Honeymoon Suite
Hanbury Manor Wedding (40)
Final Image in The Courtyard of Poles Hall

See you both when you get back from Dubai..JP 🙂

Louise and Paul’s Wedding at photographed by John Paul O’Donnell

Louise and Paul’s Wedding Photographed and written © John Paul O’Donnell Photography. DJ was Dan at shoosh weddings  brillant guyIf you have enjoyed reading this post then please like and share it.    I enjoy putting words to the pictures I take and when I see that people enjoy reading and looking.. I know that its worthwhile. JP

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6 thoughts on “Louise and Pauls Wedding

  1. Stunning pics and a brilliant photographer
    Thank you jp for doing such a fantastic job of capturing Louise and Paul’s special day
    Karen x

  2. Thank you so much JP for your kind words and fantastic pictures.
    I said on the day and I’ll say it again you’re a real gent and it was a pleasure to meet you.
    You made everyone feel at ease but also was assertive when you needed to be (not easy to get that many people to stand where you want!!!)
    Thanks again Mick Quinn

  3. Excellent pics which really capture this wonderful occasion, which was enjoyed by so many. Top man J.P … would definitely not hesitate in recommending you to my pals. Cheers, Watty (best man)

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