Reportage photographer hertfordshire

Reportage photographer hertfordshire

“the factual, journalistic presentation of an account in a book or other text.”

Professional Reportage photographs for your wedding is definitely a style that has got exceptionally popular in the last ten years.

When you photograph in this non commercial way, it’s often very natural and very much a fun and exciting style.

The key to getting the Ultimate Reportage image is to be invisible – catch the little glances and cheeky smiles.

You need to always be conscious of your backgrounds and make sure that you’re framing is spot on. One thing you don’t want is your images to be exactly straight and look like they have been classically taken… noooo this is not what you want at all.

The 3 Key points to the Reportage image.

1.  Get your subject in good light not low light where you are going to have to use flash or a very high ISO setting this will not give you a true Reportage image.

2. Look at you location and make sure that it is shown in a way that doesn’t make the location more important than the subject, the last thing you want is the subject to not be the key point of the image.

3. Camera settings, this is very important. You need to get your camera recording what the eye is seeing, so make this happen by using the cameras settings and get it to record the image the way the eye sees it.  So many creative people can see the shot but technically can’t capture it on camera the same way. Use Aperture, shutter speed and iso settings till you get it right.

This image here is of a Bride I photographed.

Bride glancing away, beautiful expression

What this image shows is a bride naturally looking away. You can see the background and its dropped out of focus because I shot it at F4 at 640th of a second shutter speed and an iso setting of 160.  This to me is a great Reportage Image.

This Image is the main wedding Party.

Reportage photographer hertfordshire
Jumping fun Reportage image

What this image shows is a happy fun natural Reportage image taken at F11 at 250th of a second shutter speed and iso setting of 400. I love the expression and fun to this image, note that the location is visible and is a discreet small part of the overall picture.

This is a picture taken just as the dress went on.

Reportage photographer hertfordshire
On With The Dress

It shows a busy room, someone is blocked off and the hangers still there also the verticals aren’t straight.  This is a great Reportage image telling this part of the story and taken in natural light.


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Photography and written © John paul O’Donnell Photography






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