7 amazing things to do when you first get engaged

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7 things to do when you first get engaged

7 amazing things to do when you first get engaged


You said yes! So now it’s time to start planning your wedding…


#1 First things first: tell everyone your happy news! Whether it’s over the phone, in-person or via an engagement ring selfie, start spreading the word about your exciting relationship status update. You can even announce your engagement in your local newspaper.

#2 Decide on your budget Before you start doing anything, work this out. Your budget will dictate how much you can spend on every single detail of your wedding – from the photographer to the dress, the flowers to the honeymoon. Avoid disappointment by calculating whether or not that castle-wedding idea is feasible or not.

#3 Think about when you want to get married You might have your heart set on a long engagement, or you might want to get married ASAP. Either way, discuss with your partner when you want to say ‘I do’ – deciding on a rough date will make everything else fall into place a lot easier.

#4 Start searching for your venue You’ve got a date in mind – so the next step is to secure the venue, around which every other detail of your day will hang. The best venues are booked up years and months in advance, do a google images search and  barns, castles, stately homes, quirky landmarks and more, all across the UK, will come up for you to fall in love with!

#5  Draw up your guest-list to see how much £££ you’ve got to play around with (and how you might want to spend it)… Plus, chat to other brides across the country – Facebook and other wedding forums are  totally free! click this Facebook link to see our page..theres lots of brides using it.

#6  Book an engagement shoot You’ve embarked on the next step of your relationship – so capture it! Ask friends and family for photographer recommendations; make sure you look at samples of their work before booking and be prepared to get your pose on and say cheese!

#7 Send out the save-the-dates Whether it’s a fun video, a message in a bottle, a traditional invite in the post… Send it out! Give your guests as much notice as you can so as many of them as possible can attend. Exciting – you’re getting married!


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