Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding

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Adam and Josies Wedding At South Farm


Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding

Date of Wedding – 29th April 2017

Bride – Josie Pohlinger

Groom – Adam Tickner

Best Man – Shea

Bridesmaids – Emma, Maggie, Fiona and Sam

Groomsmen – Laurie. Harry and Shawn

Photographer – John Paul ODonnell

Hair and Make Up – Sarah Henning

Wedding took place at South Farm


Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding. I first met Adam 6 years ago when he was at his mums wedding that I photographed.  Adam and Josie are childhood sweet hearts and met when they were 14 years old, they now live in Sydney Australia.

I got an email from Adam telling me he was getting married in the UK and wanted me to do it.  So I penciled the day in and the next thing they had booked me to photograph their wedding at South Farm in Royston Hertfordshire.

The Wedding Day

I arrived at South Farm at 11.30 am to have a good look round and familiarise myself with the venue as it’s not a place I go to very often. South farm is a fabulous place to get married and is set in 20 acres of stunning gardens and fields. There are so many lovely areas for photos that time just flies when you shooting pictures there.

I started the pictures in the bridal suite at 12 midday. Josie was having a glass of champagne with her bridesmaids and she introduced me to everyone. What a lovely bunch of girls all beautiful and really relaxed.… Just how you want your bridesmaids to be.  Josie was wearing her YSL wedding shoes, which were a gift from Sue Adams mum.

Josie is without doubt one of the most stunning brides I have ever photographed. When I saw her dress and hang it on the main beam upstairs in the bridal suite it looked perfect, the look she went for with the hair and make up was very cool and chic. I took lots of pictures in there and then went to the car park to see Adam arriving.

Adam was with his brother, best man and groomsmen.  They walked round to the room to put their suits on and we did some great shots with the steam engine and other areas of the gardens. I then left the boys and went back to the bride who was now having her make up done.  She then got into her dress and her mum Sarah came in with granny. Everyone was holding back the tears. It was then that Rob the father of the bride walked in and saw Josie… its always a beautiful moment when you see this and it never fails to make the hairs on my arms stand up.

I went across to the barn to get set up for the wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids all walked down the aisle and then Josie came in and walked down the aisle with her dad – she looked absolutely stunning, Adam had the biggest smile on his face… He was about to marry his childhood sweetheart.

The ceremony was lovely and had two readings one of which was done by the couples close friend who is a registrar in Australia and had flown over for the wedding.

After the ceremony I went up to the Parrot room which overlooks the courtyard and took pic of the complete wedding party.  After the picture was taken the guests all lined up with their confetti and the bride and groom came out everyone went crazy and the backdrop of the farmhouse looked amazing.  Adam and Josie then had their drinks reception and mingled with their guests before I got the family pictures taken.

I then took some pictures at the front of the main house and put up a 30-foot mast we mounted a camera on it to take some cool different images and used this at various points of the shoot. Throughout the next 30 minutes I took the couple round the beautiful grounds of South Farm and used the old doorways, brickwork and gardens for the main pictures finishing up with a picture using the mast to capture the old caravans and the farmhouse from high up.

We then went in to the main barn and Adam and Josie came in to massive applause and sat down for their first meal as a married couple. After the meal it was speech time and Adam introduced his mother in law sarah who was a very proud mum.  Adam then followed and was a natural speechmaker pausing in between laughs for a sip of his whisky. He said how much he missed everyone since he’d been living in Australia and then talked about how lucky he was to be marrying his beautiful bride today. It was then time for Shea the best man and great guy he delivered a speech that was worthy of a best mate and top friend… you knew these two had done some great things together over the years but naturally he put in what he could and delivered it brilliantly.

Coffee was then served in the Old Dairy and I took this opportunity to take a pic with all the friends of the bride and groom (when you have a 30 foot mast – you pretty much bring your own balcony to a wedding).

The light was dropping really fast and I took this opportunity to get the finishing picture of the bride and groom for their storybook.  I took it on the main driveway using off camera flash and a large photographic umbrella with 2 flash guns and one light from behind. Guests were arriving and we needed to clear the driveway so we headed back.

The couple then went in to the main barn and cut their wedding cake which Adams mum Sue had so beautifully made. The music was in full flow and the dance floor packed I got some great dancing shots and then said my goodbyes to the bride and groom.

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Here a few pictures from Adam and Josies Wedding that I have selected from the day. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT *   These Images are low resolution. Anyone wishing to use them for social media purposes please make sure that the Logo is seen and that credit is given to John Paul O’Donnell Photography. 


Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding

Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding

Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding (1)

Groomsmen at South Farm

Groomsmen getting ready at South Farm

Groomsmen pre wedding

Groomsmen pre wedding getting ready

Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding (3)

Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding (4)

Adam and Josies South Farm Wedding (6)

Bridal party at South Farm, royston

Bridal party at South Farm, Herts

Mother meets the bride

Bride during make up

Bride after make up

Bride getting ready

Bride showing guests dress

Bride in the mirror

Bride getting hair done

Groomsmen ready

Bride and groom during ceremony

Bride and Groom ceremony at South Farm

Bride and groom into each others eyes

The first kiss

The next kiss

Walking down the aisle

aerial shot of wedding party

confetti time at South Farm

bridal party outside venue

bridal party and groomsmen

happy couple aerial shot

happy couple after wedding

happy couple at south farm

bride outside at south farm

walking to reception

bride and groom post wedding

happy couple with flowers

gypsy caravan bride and groom

gypsy caravan bride

south farm aerial shot

happy couple walk from venue

happy couple  at south farm entrance

happy couple  at south farm after wedding

happy couple tree lined avenue

wedding reception at south farm

guests at wedding reception

wedding speeches at south farm

groom speech at south farm

bride listens to speeches

best man speech

aerial shot of all guests

cutting the cake at south farm

end of wedding day



Personal message to Adam and Josie. The weather was perfect and so was the day.  We had a lot of fun with everyone and I loved spending the day and evening with you. Mr & Mrs Tickner, thanks for choosing me to capture your day! More to follow soon.

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