Stacey and Kevins Wedding at Parklands Quendon Hall

Date – 27th August 2021

Bride – Stacey Butcher

Groom – Kevin Pickton

Ceremony and Reception – Parklands Quendon Hall

Photographer – John Paul ODonnell Photography.

Filmed By – Anthony Spotlight Weddings

Cake – Cakey Adventures

Music and MC– Peter Johnson (SPJ)

Flowers – Vickis Florist

Wedding Dress – Mel (Enchanted Bridal)

Titled – Stacey and Kevins Wedding at Parklands Quendon Hall.

The Venue.

Parklands is located on the border of Essex and Hertfordshire and is home to the 17th-century mansion, Quendon Hall. Which without doubt makes it one of the most desirable wedding venues in Essex. Quendon Hall sits within a 100-acre deer park and offers a wonderful backdrop on your special day.

The Bride and Groom

This is a lovely blog for me to write because I have known Stacey over 14 years. We met when her best friend Tracy was getting married. We have kept in touch ever since and always recommend each other at wedding shows when she is exhibiting. She is a beautiful girl not only on the outside as you will see when you scroll down (and see the photos) but on the inside too. She will do anything for anyone and expects nothing in return.  Her and Kevin are true soulmates and when you see them together theres a connection you cannot miss.

The Day 

Everything was taking place at Parklands, the groom and the bride were both getting ready there. The ceremony and reception was there and the huge party in the marquee too. The day started with me arriving and going to see Stacey. Morning prep was in full swing, with make up and hair and some decent music playing which set the mood. The Prep room itself isn’t a room to really take classical pictures in so I took the dress out into the hallway. Here is a 17th century wood panelled hallway.. now we are talking! Once the dress had been photographed Stacey came out and had some beautiful shots taken on her own.

For the guys, it’s often a much quicker experience of getting ready, so you have to be quick documenting them. I captured some great little moments between Kevin and his best men and groomsmen whilst all getting ready too.

Wedding Ceremony at Parklands

Well, I don’t think I’ve quite seen an outside ceremony as full as their wedding day. Clearly a popular couple, it was also great to scan the rows to see all the familiar faces too. Always nice to catch up with familiar guests and couples I’ve in the past photographed. Stacey and Kevins two children (Nyla-Rose and Olly) walked her down the aisle which was a very emotional moment for everyone. As you can see by their photographs below, the ceremony was gorgeous with lots of flowers. A few moments later, vows and rings exchanged and the register signed, the pair were officially married! – Time to party!

Reception and Photos

After a nice drinks reception I got everyone together and took a photo from the first floor window.  Once this was taken it was the perfect opportunity to capture the formal family photos and then some fun friends shots which I knew Stacey really wanted. Slowly weaving between groups of guests, it was great to have brief catch-ups with all the familiar faces at the wedding, chatting about recent exciting news and up coming weddings. This is part of what makes my job so special, it’s the forever meeting new and old friends and making people happy!

With the weather being so lovely we were able to walk around the gardens for those natural photographs. It’s so important to have a small break and this is the perfect time to take it all in.  As much as photography is important, the day shouldn’t be full of photographs.

Wedding Speeches

The speeches were scheduled just after the meal,  a little later in the day and they were certainly worth the wait. Tons of banter between the guys from different moments, the best men did a joint speech and to be honest one of the best joint speeches Ive ever seen. They walked round the room with Kevins eyes watching them thinking whats coming?. They were brilliant and so were everyone elses including Hayley and Kevins. I was privileged to be sitting in the main room as a guest so we had great company. I was sat next to Jan and Cliff the parents of one of my favourite couples whose wedding I shot 14 years ago. The speeches is always a perfect time to really understand the couple and learn of why they are just so important to everyone around. It’s certainly one of my favourite parts of the day.

THAT first dance

Kirsty from SPJ was Djing so we knew the dance floor would be packed all night. The first dance was Stacey and Kevin and then the second was with their two children Nyla-Rose and Olly, now this was a beautiful moment. After everyone joining in and a great party it was time to go outside. Stacey and Kevin were surrounded by their guests with sparklers! It’s a perfect way to conclude their wedding photography at Parklands too!

Thank you for reading Stacey and Kevins Wedding at Parklands Quendon Hall. Here are their wedding photography highlights. IMPORTANT *   These Images are low resolution. Anyone wishing to use them for social media purposes please make sure that the Logo is seen and that credit is given to John Paul O’Donnell Photography.




“Stacey and Kev” Thank you for making me feel part of your day. Im so pleased and happy that I was there to take the photos and see you guys get married – even if it was through the camera xx

Chat soon. JPx 

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2 thoughts on “Stacey and Kevins Wedding at Parklands Quendon Hall

  1. Wow….. such amazing photos of just a perfect day. JP honestly you don’t just take an incredible photo you capture the moment and that is priceless xxx

  2. Such beautiful photos of a wonderful day which captured the mood of the wedding perfectly, KP you did a great job of putting everyone at ease and for once even I didn’t mind my phot being taken.

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