The 14 questions to ask before the wedding reception

The 14 questions to ask before the wedding reception

The 14 questions to ask before the wedding reception 

This 14 questions are based on our own couples experiences on their wedding day.  They are things that they often say they didn’t think to ask. If you can read this and even use one of the 14 listed questions then this has worked to make your wedding day even more perfect.

I am sure that you will find many of them very useful.

Heres the 14 questions to consider asking the venue prior to your big day.

  • Does the wedding venue provide a dance floor?
  • Can I hire a different dance floor from an external company?
  • Do you have a chill out lounge for elderly people to use?
  • Where does our DJ / wedding band set up for the evening reception?
  • What time does the music have to finish at the end of the wedding?
  • Can the music license be extended?
  • How much does it cost to extend the music license?
  • Are confetti cannons allowed for the first dance?
  • Are there any sound restrictions that we should be made aware of?
  • Is there a sound limiter at the venue?
  • Can I have a BBQ / buffet / hog roast for the evening reception?
  • Can we release Chinese lanterns outside in the evening?
  • Are fireworks allowed at the venue?
  • Do you have secure storage for wedding gifts?

The 14 questions to ask before the wedding reception.  Please like comment and share using the links below.

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