Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer

Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer

Hello everyone – I’m John Paul ODonnell a pro photographer based in Herts and Essex. I am privileged to be a Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer. Georgia and Lewis Wedding.

I had the pleasure of meeting Georgia and Lewis back in September 2021 during her sister’s wedding. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know their family well through platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 
I had high expectations for their wedding, but it exceeded even my wildest imaginations. Words cannot fully capture the beauty and significance of that day. 
The wedding took place at Gaynes Park in Essex, a venue I am familiar with from previous experiences. This familiarity allowed me to navigate the location efficiently, especially on a chilly November day. Knowing the best spots for photos and understanding the changing light conditions was crucial. We had to work swiftly to capture the key shots as the light was fading rapidly. In just 20 minutes, the light dropped by 5 stops, necessitating adjustments in ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.
Georgia and Lewis were an absolute delight to photograph. They radiated joy and didn’t complain once throughout the day. They were willing to brave the cold for beautiful bride and groom portraits, sunset pictures, and, of course, the iconic photo with the Gaynes Park Christmas tree.
Danny, the father of the bride, was incredibly emotional, earning him the title of the most emotional dad in 2021 (and possibly 2023!). He is one of the nicest father of the brides I have ever met. Ayshea, the mother of the bride, looks more like the bride’s older sister and was instrumental in setting up some fantastic shots for me, especially in the Bridal Cottage.
The day flowed seamlessly, with both Georgia and Lewis getting ready at Gaynes Park. Georgia prepared in the Wedding Cottage, while Lewis used the Coach House. The ceremony took place in The Orangery, nestled within the walled garden, and the wedding breakfast was held in the Mill Barn. Access to the Mill Barn was through the Gather Barn, where a stunning Christmas tree was proudly displayed.
Rather than my words, I believe the pictures will tell the story best. I encourage you to scroll down and enjoy the pictures I have selected. If you choose to share them on social media, please refrain from cropping the logo and remember to tag my Instagram JP_odonnell_photography

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Message from JP!
“So I have now photographed 2 of the 3 Pite daughters .. Bobbi was 2021 (See here) only Rosie to go now and that one I know is going to totally different..we’ve been messaging! JP
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One thought on “Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer

  1. John, you’ve done it again; made Dan well up! These are amazing, we knew they would be brilliant but you’ve taken it to another level! Thank you so much for your lovely words, we feel like you’re part of the furniture that has to be there on our weddings!!
    I know that if Rosi ever decides to get married, you’ll capture her twist on life just hauntingly beautiful!
    Thanks John, we can’t sing your praises enough!

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